Sunday, September 5

Breaking the fast :)

Today , breaking the fast together with them . Oh gosh , I hate breaking the fast at cafes or malls , it is too much . However , I am absolutely certain that we were having fun , kan korang ? haha . For some , it would be better to make a reservation at the restaurant , so we can break the fast on time .

p / s : I cut my hair and im lovin it :)


(: syai_sharif :) said...

semua dah ada rambut rayaa
gimme 5! :PP

e p y said...

sy tade lagi rambot raye laa . mls na potg . potg kn buley ??

Fara Dee said...

syai sharif : ada rambut raya jugak ? yey ! :)
epy : jom . saya buat kan style rambut afro . haha nak ?

Anonymous said...

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