Friday, October 29

Honor Of Achievement

Hello there . Ahh , miss my baby blog . Hee . So today is the day , I mean the 'report card day' , so I didn't go to school . Yesterday , I planned to wake up early and start my engine to do some revisions but the plan was fail . This morning , I opened my eyes and I realized that , the wall clock's needle is pointed at 10 . Haha . Well , I went to bed at 2 a.m last night , which is considered late , so you can't put the blame on me . For the whole week , I did spend my time to do my daily blogwalking to other blogs . Yeah there are some blogs that I found are really impressive . Well done . Oh by the way , me and my blog received some awards . Yeayy ! Hee .


Thanks to sis [Izzaty] for giving me this award .

Kenapa korang suka Memori Seorang Muda ?
Sebenarnya , saya tak kenal pun blogger yang create award ini tapi saya kenal pemberi award ini . Peace ;)

Reaksi korang lepas dapat award ni ?
Oh , saya antara blogger harapan ? How's that ? Hee .


Thanks to sis [Nurul Nazira] , [Fany] , [Raihanah] and [Fatin] as well as [Faiz] for tagging me this .

Once you have been tagged , you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things , facts , habits or goal about you .

1. I like green . Sooo much .
2. Paramore is my music .
3. My friends said I laugh like a vampire . Lol .
4. I have my Mr. Right and I love him :)
5. I'm the only daughter in my family and have two annoying older brothers .
6. SPM 2010 candidate -.-
7. Cadbury black forest chocolate is my fav , always .
8. Green apple , oh yeah . I loikke it .
9. I eat a lot , believe me . Bcoz I love food . Haha . Tastyyy .
10. Cheerful with my friends , childish with my boyfie :D
11. Gonna be a doctor in future . Maybe ?
12. Twilight die hard fan , team Edward here ;)
13. Add math doesn't like me . HAHA .
14. Rarely mingle with stranger people . Sorry .
15. Indoor or outdoor ? Both . Prefer stay at home . Enjoy challenging activities .
16. Tennis is my current sport .
17. Studying in 5 Perdana never make me bored :)
18. I don't really wears make-up . I think it's not the time yet . Hee . I'm teenager .
19. Handbags attract me when I go shopping . Whoaa .
20. I do have friends but I don't have a bestfriend :(
21. I'm not good in wearing shawl . I'm still trying .
22. I don't spend , I save money . It's better .
23. I want to buy a new handphone . I've been using my current phone for 2 years .
24. My sweet 16th birthday was the best ever . That's the first time I meet him :)
25. Last but not least , I appreciate everything that I had . Thank you Allah .


Thanks to [Anaa] for this award .

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Zaa :)

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Blog saya comel cantik lawa gedik manis masam pahit ? Haha . Thanks adik Anaa . I'm touched :')

Berikan 6 fav artis / singer / group yang korang minat :
Julia Sheer
Maddi Jane
Kina Grannis
Alyssa Bernal

p / s : I'm supposed to tag and give away these awards to others . So , you may have it if you want . Don't be shy . Hee .

Saturday, October 23

A Final Score

Heyyo , good morning . I woke up early today and start my morning with Add Math questions . Haha . I got my results back . Some papers are so unfortunate , like English and Bio . My Bio paper's marks declined because of the objective part while English because of the essay part . No opinion for Agama as my marks are constant everytime . Chemistry is upset . Just made some careless mistakes and my teacher took the Chemisty's marking scheme as the real examiners . Anything beyond the marking scheme is considered wrong -.- Well , I'm proud of my performance in Add Math . I managed to pass and got an C for this time . Still , it's not the best grade but it's like a huge success for me because I kept failing my add math before this . Sejarah , it's impossible to score full marks without having any tips . Whole class had the so-called tips , so it's win-win situations . It only matters if you can memorize or not . Well , I memorized and added with some creativity . Hee . Maths is higher than my expectation . It really creates a gap . Anyway , I did work for it . I did a lot of questions . So I got an A+ . Yeay ! Physics and BM are not that upset , but not too bad either . Now waiting for EST . I'm looking for EST's marks . If I can get A for this subject , then 6 A's will be in my hands . No time for this , no joke . SPM left for 30 days only . Gotta pump my weak subjects as much as I can . Till here :)

I miss you baby .

Monday, October 18

Gain By Experience

Happy Monday people . The seminar last weekends was so cool and interesting . I got lots of new knowledge . Especially Add Maths . I learned how to make it our every single working shorter and simpler . Wow amazing yeh ! Hee . Alright today , school's assembly was all about Rakan Cop information line lauching . So there were kawad kawalan , drama sketch and police car * Ninoninonino haha * Unluckily the hall was wet and we had no choices except just shut our mouths , sit down and enjoy the event -.- Oh by the way , you know I rarely online these days . Obviously busy studying . Haha . Dear followers and guests , sorry for not visiting your sites yeah . Tomorrow Paramore will live on our stage at Bukit Jalil Stadium . Hmm it's look I'm not going to and miss the chance to see Hayley Williams with her cute face , blonde hair and awesome voice :'( People around me knew how much I'm obsessed with Paramore . Whatever it is , I will always stick to them .


Friday, October 15

Exchanging Information

Hey boys . Hi girls . I'm suppose to go to school tomorrow as it's Hari Kokurikulum . This event is held its first ever , I think . I'm one of the candidates who got the appreciation for involving in activities at district level and NILAM award ! Hee . Unfortunately , I wouldn't be there . I'm going to Seminar SPM for both Saturday and Sunday at UiTM Section 7 . Are anyone join this seminar ? So I guess I see you there yeah . So far , I got some paper exam results . Hmm , I don't know what to comment about my marks . I'm confident enough on my teras subjects but not on my elective subjects . Gosh , it's hard , can't deny it .

That's alright because I love the way you lie :')

Thursday, October 14

False Statement

May anyone tell me the quotes on lying ?
Because I'm currently
speechless and heartless :')

Wednesday, October 13

Under College Age

Hey fellas . For the other students , today was the first day they attended to school as PMR finally has ended . So congrats yeah to PMR candidates . At least , you are now free from your 'perintah berkurung' . Haha . Hmm , from Monday until today , I don't know why the teachers rarely entered the class . Meaning , I went to school but doing nothing because me and my friends were just hanging out in the library . Why the teachers have to be absent from the class when we , the students really want to study ? Aiyoyo . Okay , I had fun today . I couldn't stop laughing because my classmates were totally hyper-active . Haha . 5 Perdana is a big family . If someone is going to library , the others would follow too . If someone is copying one's homework answers , the others would do the same thing too . Haha . Our beloved BM teacher, Puan Zahida is going to Mekah this Saturday to do the haji thingy . She wouldn't be around until December . Aahh , it was a bad news for us . Eventhough , we are going through the SPM without you , we give you our words that we will do our best . We hope you will have safe journeys , teacher . TTYL :)

I do love you , A

Sunday, October 10

Nine Plus One

Good evening readers . Creating new post today is a must , right ? Yeah , it's 10-10-10 . What a beautiful date . I'm sure many people are enjoying their good moments now. For me , I attended my friend's brother wedding . And for Datuk Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor , he's celebrating his wedding with his beloved ones , Dr. Halina . So cute both of them . Hee . Hmm , have anyone noticed that there is no more gadget box of my love affair ? I think you can conclude it yourself :( I have a thought to create a fanpage for this blog and sign up for a formspring , twitter and tumbler account . If I sign up for those things , will you like it ? Will you follow me ? Haish , so much questions huh ? Haha . Tomorrow is a school day * Fara dee , do not complain * I wonder if I will get my exam paper . Just wait and see lah .

p / s : yeay ! This blog finally got 100 followers :)

Saturday, October 9

Marked By Boredom

Yesterday , Syawal month was officially end . That's mean no more open house and no more raya money . Haha . Well , I got RM 100 ++ for this raya . Wuhuu . Okay , my morning routine starts with the tv . Blogger boy story on 8tv is always be my fav . Hee . I woke up quite early today . Then , I had a simple breakfast while switching on my lappy . My mom told me she was too lazy to cook , so she forced me to get up and get a bath because later , I have to attend a wedding . The caterer boys were all good looking and the food was so yummy . My mom asked me to keep the catering number for my wedding soon . Haha *Mama , 9 tahun lagi laa :')* Now , it's evening . And I plan to finish my homework . Such a freakin bored life . Erggh . Have a nice day peeps ;)

Cheer myself up :)

Friday, October 8

Flowing From Eyes

Hey people . Happy Friday . Hmm , I'm supposed to enjoy my day as I didn't go to school but yeah , life is unexpected . I think about better days and wonder if I'll feel that way again . Unfortunately , it is not today . Not now . I wish I have the answers . I'm hoping to understand why he has said those things . At the end , I just wipe the tears on my cheek :')

Praying that you'll never let me go .

Thursday, October 7

Last Part

Yey ! My trial exams finally end ! I don't need to drink coffee anymore and I can get a lot of sleep . Hee . I had already told my mom that I would be absent tomorrow . Haha . Hmm , I hope my exams results for this time are a way better than before . I just want to pass all the exams . At the end of this month , there would be parents-take-report-cards-home . I don't want them to see my red marks again -.-

SPM is my last part .

Wednesday, October 6

Passionate Affection

Hello readers . I just took a little time to create this new post .
Hey , have you ever noticed that there are not very much story about my boyfie ? Haha .
Okay , done . Hee :)

Sunday, October 3

Branch Of Learning

Greeting :) Since I am doing my trial exam , I grabbed the chance to join a study group . Well it's not really a study group actually because it's just me and Fatin . Haha . In the first place , Fatin asked me to teach her physics but when we got there *shahalam library* she asked me to do her essay . Haiyo Fatin . Luckily , she is my friend so I helped her what I could . I did some est questions and read physics note . Oh yeah , we also did some reflection of our stupidosss . Haha .

I have bio and est exam tomorrow . Wish me luck :)

Saturday, October 2

Acts In A Play

Happy Saturday people . I hope you enjoyed your day . Well , for me I had fun today . I enjoyed being with my favourite celebrities like Liyana Jasmay , Lisa Surihani and Emma AF8 . Hee . It was actually an event of Celebrities Aidilfitri Open House organized by Watsons and Era FM . Awesome dude . Haha. My mom and I came together to enjoy delicious food . As usual , I ate a lot . Haha . Hmm , I got nothing much to say , so let the photos talk yeah :)

Unluckily , I missed the chance to meet and greet Dafi -.-

Out Of Sorts

Dear F , I don't care about what you think of me . Seriously , I don't give a damn . We are not even friends . That is why you said that I am such a snob . Yess , I admit that I am quiet and not really outgoing . Unless I am with my close friends and family , then I am talkative . But have you ever try to approach me at school ? Never . So , you have no right to judge me . Oh by the way , stop calling me with that name . I am not your girlfriend . Just because you are a handsome guy , I will attract to you easily huh ? Such a kind-of-mat-rempit boy . Haha .

Hello October :)