Friday, December 31

The Last Day of The Year

Can't believe it. We are leaving our precious 2010 behind. I'm sure there were a lot of sweet and bad memories created throughout the year. Since today is the New Year's Eve, writing a post is like a must. Right? Oh yeah, congratulations to our football team for being the champion. We managed to defeat Indonesia. Yey! So proud with Malaysian. Because of that, we all get a holiday. It's like a history. Cool. Hihi. I've nothing much to say here actually but I would like to wish you guys, Happy New Year. Every new year people make resolutions to change aspects of themselves they believe are negative.A majority of people revert back to how they were before and feel like failures. I'm used to be like that too but you know what, this year I want to challenge myself to just be myself. That is my new resolution. So how about yours? I wish you health, so you may enjoy each day in comfort. As usual, there would be a celebration with parties and social gatherings spanning the transition of the year at midnight. But for me, it's like unusual. Hihi. I would rather spend my time with my family at home and watching tv. Yeah, seems like freaking boring. Never mind. Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right! Alhamdulillah :)

Goodbye 2010. I'll miss you.

Sunday, December 26

Social Interaction

Hello there. How's your day so far? I hope you guys are just fine. Oh yeah, Merry Christmas for those who're celebrating it. So yesterday, I went out with my girls. Shopping and watching movies which was Gulliver's Travel. God, that movies was totally freaking funny. I can't stop laughing while watching it in cinema. Hihi. I recommend this movie for you to watch okay. I bought three awesome shirts in three different colors. Green, white and gray. Can't wait to wear them yeah. I ate Domino's Pizza for dinner. So tasty, love pizza. A lot. I know you like pizza too, don't you? Hihi. So that's the way I spent my Saturday. For today, there's an annoyed guy that accused me for asking him such copy-and-paste questions in FS. I swear to God that I created all the questions by my self. What's wrong with you? If you do not want to answer my questions, then just delete them. Easy huh? If it's really true, show me where the hell is the question that I'm copying? Har har. I know my questions are too great right? That's why you think that I'm not capable enough to create those questions and from that, you accused me that I am a copy cat.You said I'm a slut but who is the one who started this first? Being nice, I told you that I'm not copying other questions but all of sudden you called me, betina. Please think, okay.If it's my fault, I'm sorry but no. This is your fault. Once again, all those questions are originally from me.If you blamed me because I'm asking you in English, well then you do not have the rights. Truth to be told, it's my right. Here is my blog. Please don't you ever stalk my blog. Enough said.

I've re-edited this post. Satisfy?

Tuesday, December 21

Very Enthusiastic

Hello guys. I'm sorry for ignoring your visits here. I just have something new experiences and I'm forgetting my baby blog. Sorry alright? Well, I've nothing much to say actually. My life is not that great and I admit that I'm just a pathetic loser. Can you believe after all I've been studied sooo hard in my SPM but I haven't go out yet until now? Haha. Okay whatever. I'm glad to know that Formspring and Tumblr really suit my type well. Tumblr is easy, just reblog something that you like. Formspring is fun, I got lots of friends there. Thank you for being my alam maya buddies. Hihi. I planned to find a job but I haven't do that. So currently I can call myself as, Penganggur Terhormat. Nice name isn't it? Haha. I woke up late, went to bed late. Yesterday, I went to school to get my UPU number pin. Who's applying for university, they know what the hell is the number pin I'm talking about. After a long walk, I sat with my friends, having chit chat about Korean. God, I'm not a fan of Korean thingy, derr? So I just shut my mouth and listened to their obsession. Hihi. I was shocked to know that Zac and Josh are leaving Paramore. They said they want to spend more time with their family. Oh I'm totally not ready to accept that facts. Still, Paramore has to get a move on. My feelings towards Paramore will never change as long as Hayley is there. Hey, my pet sister told me that she loves to read my post as my words are sometimes funny. You've got to be kidding me. But I'm glad. At least there's someone that loves my stories. Aiceh. Haha. Got to go. Good-bye.

I'm bored, but I'm comfortable being at home.

Wednesday, December 15

Nothing More To Do With

Hello guys . I'm back ! Yess , I'm here . I'm sitting in front of my lappy , writing my new post . Lend me your ears because I wanna say something in a high-pitched to you that , " Woi , saya dah habis SPM laa ! Haha " Miss blogging like #@$% . Truth to be told , I'm no longer a high school student that wearing school uniforms , heavy books in my bag , listening to all discipline thingy , following rules . So , let's be freak out ! But but but but my little heart say that , I'm gonna miss all that . Friendship , laughter , silly things , mischievous behavior and those ahhh , alaa , nahhh words when the teachers are starting to teach or giving homework . Hihi . Guys , I'll feel the sadness at no longer being able to enjoy the presence of those memories . Okay , I think I wanna change the topic before I start to cry or whatever . Haha . Oh yeah , how was my SPM ek ? It's not that hard like I used to think before . Macam exam biasa , so it seems . I've done my things , so lets be the examiners do their things . Just wait for my result lah . I planned to find a job , to support my allowance during this holidays . Yahooooo , I'll earn my own money and shopping like there's no tomorrow . Hihi . By the way , I've sign up for a Tumblr and Formspring account . Do check them out okay . Yeah I know at the age of seventeen , saya baru nak buat semua itu . I'm not really used to social network thingy lah . So whatever . Alright , I guess I end it here . Thank you for looking after my baby blog yeah :)

Oh , my baby blog has changed its skin ! Cantik tak kawan kawan ? Haha

Sunday, November 21

Particular Student Conflict

Hi guys . Just a quick update . I'll be away from the lappy until after my world war finish . I can't believe it's really coming this Tuesday . May I ask you a favor ? Please take a good care of my baby blog yeah . Hope you all have a wonderful day . I'll be back soon . Gonna miss you guys . Do pray for me . Bye-bye .

15th December is the end .

A Romance Began

Everyday that I'm with you , has been better than before . It's hard for me to even think how could I love you more . You've graced my life and it has been full of happiness . I love your caring face , your voice , your tender and sweet caress . When you're not near me , I feel emptiness that I can't seem to fill . When you're near , I feel complete . We laughed before , but we laugh more now . I never imagined that someone could be as important as you are to me . You are the best , dearest thing to come into my life . Every month when this day comes , I'm filled with love and pleasure . Happy 16th Month Anniversary , love .

I love you baby now and forever , my sweet A .

Saturday, November 20

Analogous To Another

Let me introduce , Azam the pinky one and Amir the blacky one . Wait , I've no idea what Azam is doing under the tree . =="

Hey people . How's your day so far ? Alright , I know it's too late but I would like to wish Happy Raya Aidiladha to all Muslims . Hehe . Last Wednesday , my family went back to hometown and I had the greatest day in my life . Erkk , not really the greatest one actually . Haha . At that time , I still had books with me , just to remind myself not to forget that I have to study wherever . Huhu . As usual , I ate a lot . The main menu was the bone soup . As yeah , it's Hari Raya Korban right . This dish really caught my eyes . Thumbs up to my aunt for deserving us . Hehe . My cousins asked me to join them to go to funfair . Haha . So my parents left me with them . Amir drove us and we had so much fun there . I had no idea that Azam could be my partner in a laughing contest . Haha . Cool man . Seriously , I didn't brave enough to dare myself to hop on all the rides , roller coaster and the like . So we just played games and lucky us , we got some prizes . Haha . But Dekna was the only exception . She got a little teddy bear , it was like more to a sympathy gift from that mamat Bangla . Haha . None of us remembered to take some pictures . Oh , what a miss guys ! Anyway , thanks for making day . I hope there would be next time for us to hang out together , aite ? :)

p / s : I've said that I will put your pictures in here . Haha . Thank me .

Sunday, November 14

Nothing On You

Hey . Last week Marcy tagged me this . Thank you very much . This tag is sooooo cool I tell ya . Hehe .


Put your music library on shuffle . For each question , press the next button to get your answer . You must write that song title as the answer to the question , no matter how silly it sounds ! Most of the time they seem to work though , strangely enough . Okay , go ! When you're done , tag 20 people in this note , and make sure to tag the person who sent you this . The answer to #20 is the Title of your note .

1. If someone says , " Is this okay ? " you say
Rude Boy - Rihanna
" Come on rude boy , boy " Haha

2. How would you describe yourself ?
Like A G6 - Far East Movement
" Now I'm feelin so fly like a G6 " Wow , cool .

3. What do you like in a guy / girl ?
I like it - Enrique Iglesias ft. Pitbull
" Baby , I like it ! " That's sooo not me . Haha .

4. How do you feel today ?
Magic - BoB ft. Rivers Cuomo
" I get the magic in me " Do you want to see it ? Hehe .

5. What's your life's purpose ?
All I Need - Alyssa Bernal
" . . . and that's all I need " Alhamdulillah :)

6. What's your motto ?
You Will Never Be - Julia Sheer
" Now it's all too clear that you will never be " Erkk , I have no idea on that . Hihi .

7. What do your friends think of you ?
150 Juta - Fynn Jamal
" Dia mungkin bengis seperti singa tapi dia nangis tonton cerita Korea " Yeah , I admit it okay !

8.What do you think of your parents ?
Kissin You - Miranda Cosgrove
" When I'm kissin you , my senses come alive " Muah muah . Thank you my parents :')

9. What do you think about very often ?
Valentine - Kina Grannis
" Be mine , be my Valentine :) " Will you ?

10. What is 2 + 2 ?
Never Say Never - Justin Bieber ft. Jaden Smith
" I will never say never " Haha . Well .

11. What do you think of your best friend (s) ?
Love The Way You Lie - Eminem ft. Rihanna
" Just gonna stand there and hear me cry " I got no BFF :'(

12. What do you think of the person you like ?
Give A Little More - Maroon 5
" Give a little more , ooh , babe " Opsssie . Hehe .

13. What is your life story ?
Club Can't Handle Me - Flo Rida
" The club can't even handle me right now " Damn me . Haha

14. What do you want to be when you grow up ?
Kalau Berpacaran - Sohaimi Mior Hassan ft. Ana Raffali
" Jangan pegang - pegang , duduk renggang - renggang ! " Pencegah Maksiat kot . Ahaha

15. What do you think of when you see the person you like ?
Only Girl ( In the World ) - Rihanna
" Want you to make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world " Wahh . Suitable .

16. What will you dance to at your wedding ?
Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars
" Cause you're amazing , just the way you are " Aahh , so romantic . ILY husband :')

17. What will they play at your funeral ?
Alejandro - Lady Gaga
" Don't call my name , don't call my name , Alejandro " Seram laa pulak . Satanic .

18. What is your biggest fear ?
One In A Million - Ne-Yo
" There's a million girls around , but I don't see no one but you " Oh nooo , I don't want to be a lesbo .

19. What is your biggest secret ?
Your Love Is My Drug - Kesha
" Because your love , your love , your love is my drug " Ssshh , I'm taking drugs ;)

20. What will you post this as ?
Nothing On You - BoB ft. Bruno Mars
" Cause they got nothin' on you , baby " Eleh , nothing on me lahh . Hihi .

Last but not least , I'm sorry because I don't have much time to tag other people specifically . For readers , you can have these questions . I tag you . Hehe . Bye .

23rd , I'm waiting .

Saturday, November 13

Prone To Violence

A big hello to those who still visits this blog . This weekend is the tough one . Ahh , seriously I miss blogging . Miss filling my blog with little stories . I don't know how many times I've to say this but

SPM is coming .

Man , I really wish that my brain had a 8GB size of memory . Haha . I'm running out of time . There's still a lot of chapters to revise . Especially Bio . When I open my book and start to study it , my eyes will slowly getting addicted to sleep . Haha . What should I do ? Any tips to study smart ? I'm desperate to have it . Hell yeah . Super sad life now , I can't even sleep soundly as I was so afraid I can't do well . Hmm . I admit , I'm the-stress-people . I know right when the exams start , everything will pass like a blink of an eye . Hehe . Last Thursday , I attended a seminar for BM which was held at my own school . I was surprised when the teachers announced my name as the people who managed to get the highest score in BM trial . She asked me to put my hand up and I was blushing at that time . Hehe . Okay . The problem with me when I lay my hands on my laptop is that I can't stop . Haha . I shall stop . So , happy Saturday people ! Another day of spending time with books later . I love Maths . It's easy . Hehe . See you guys next week . The last weekends before my world war .

I wish I'm still your number one baby girl .

Sunday, November 7

Not Identified By Name

Hello guys . It's me again . Yeah , of course it's me . Is there anyone else ? Okay , stop . Haha . I slept late last night . So for sure , I need a tight nice sleep with a really sweet dream that would create a smile on my face when I wake up next morning . But , unfortunately , it didn't happened . A human being who is only-God-knows-his-name kept bothering my Sunday morning with his annoying calling . Hello , you are calling me at 9 am . Don't you have the sense of humanity for not disturbing people's sleep ? Damn you . Haha . I was waayyy too mamai at that time , so I just ignored him . Few hours later , I woke up , and sent a text message to my boy telling him I'm awake . Had a bath and grabbed my breakfast . Just a simple breakfast , roti bakar with strawberry jam on it . I checked that number and obviously I don't know him . I decided to text , and asked him who is he and why he called me bla bla bla . He just simply answered that her sister was the one who called me . Apart from that , this guy was so eager to know me as he kept on asking what my name is . What the fish . FYI , I don't talk to strangers . I hate you , dumb (Y)

I have no other guys numbers in my contact .

Saturday, November 6

A Motion Picture

What's up people ? *Oh yeah , I'm a Bgirl ! Haha* So here's the thing , Happy Deepavali to all Hindus . Hope you enjoy your festival okay . I haven't start my revisions yet for today as I'm rewarding myself for not being Internet's client on weekdays . Yeah , I admit . It's soooo hard to stay away from my lappy . And it's explain everything why I promised my boyfriend on that . Hehe . More or less , it's help me to control my desire . Weirdooo . Since last Wednesday was a holiday , I grabbed my breakfast with my sweetheart which was not really breakfast or should I say lunch to make it clear ? Haha . Lol . We went out at 12 and just lepak lepak at mamak store . We shared our mee goreng meal . That's really sweet dear . Muahx muahx . Okay , stop being annoying Fara . Not everyone like to hear your love's journey . Hehe . Yesterday , I switched on tv and comforted my lazy body to have an enjoyment . Aiseyhmen . I watched that Center Stage : Turn It Up film thingy . Fuhh , what an awesome movie . I think I've fallen deeply in love with the hero . He've stolen my heart . Haha . He's just so cute and naive . What attracts me the most is , he is a dancer with pierced ears . Hehe . I adore you Kenny Wormald

Oh I guess I see you guys next week . Bye bye ;)

Monday, November 1

Great Significance

Hello hi hey readers . Yesterday , I spent my Sunday time studying with my hubby . I miss him . A lot . We don't see each other for almost two months . So it made sense how much the word 'missing you' flying in my head . Hmm . Oh , I haven't tell you guys about my total results . I managed to get 6 A's , 1 B and 3 C's . Okay , I know . I'm not that soooo intelligent . Whatever it is , I've improved myself . Better than midyear exams results . Actually , I don't have any thoughts to post something today . But , it's November now . It's remind me of something . Something that I will get red huge butterflies in my stomach when someone mention it . The most important month that I've waiting for . Oh my , this month will lead me to the way of hell . I guess ? Haha . Go away SPM . I know you know that I want to pass you right ? I just don't have the guts yet . I'm not ready to see you . Books , will you be my friends ? :(

A , I wish us a very good luck . I hope we will do our best , for the sake of our future . I love you .

Friday, October 29

Honor Of Achievement

Hello there . Ahh , miss my baby blog . Hee . So today is the day , I mean the 'report card day' , so I didn't go to school . Yesterday , I planned to wake up early and start my engine to do some revisions but the plan was fail . This morning , I opened my eyes and I realized that , the wall clock's needle is pointed at 10 . Haha . Well , I went to bed at 2 a.m last night , which is considered late , so you can't put the blame on me . For the whole week , I did spend my time to do my daily blogwalking to other blogs . Yeah there are some blogs that I found are really impressive . Well done . Oh by the way , me and my blog received some awards . Yeayy ! Hee .


Thanks to sis [Izzaty] for giving me this award .

Kenapa korang suka Memori Seorang Muda ?
Sebenarnya , saya tak kenal pun blogger yang create award ini tapi saya kenal pemberi award ini . Peace ;)

Reaksi korang lepas dapat award ni ?
Oh , saya antara blogger harapan ? How's that ? Hee .


Thanks to sis [Nurul Nazira] , [Fany] , [Raihanah] and [Fatin] as well as [Faiz] for tagging me this .

Once you have been tagged , you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things , facts , habits or goal about you .

1. I like green . Sooo much .
2. Paramore is my music .
3. My friends said I laugh like a vampire . Lol .
4. I have my Mr. Right and I love him :)
5. I'm the only daughter in my family and have two annoying older brothers .
6. SPM 2010 candidate -.-
7. Cadbury black forest chocolate is my fav , always .
8. Green apple , oh yeah . I loikke it .
9. I eat a lot , believe me . Bcoz I love food . Haha . Tastyyy .
10. Cheerful with my friends , childish with my boyfie :D
11. Gonna be a doctor in future . Maybe ?
12. Twilight die hard fan , team Edward here ;)
13. Add math doesn't like me . HAHA .
14. Rarely mingle with stranger people . Sorry .
15. Indoor or outdoor ? Both . Prefer stay at home . Enjoy challenging activities .
16. Tennis is my current sport .
17. Studying in 5 Perdana never make me bored :)
18. I don't really wears make-up . I think it's not the time yet . Hee . I'm teenager .
19. Handbags attract me when I go shopping . Whoaa .
20. I do have friends but I don't have a bestfriend :(
21. I'm not good in wearing shawl . I'm still trying .
22. I don't spend , I save money . It's better .
23. I want to buy a new handphone . I've been using my current phone for 2 years .
24. My sweet 16th birthday was the best ever . That's the first time I meet him :)
25. Last but not least , I appreciate everything that I had . Thank you Allah .


Thanks to [Anaa] for this award .

Berikan satu nickname untuk saya :
Zaa :)

Ucapan untuk pemberi award ini :
Blog saya comel cantik lawa gedik manis masam pahit ? Haha . Thanks adik Anaa . I'm touched :')

Berikan 6 fav artis / singer / group yang korang minat :
Julia Sheer
Maddi Jane
Kina Grannis
Alyssa Bernal

p / s : I'm supposed to tag and give away these awards to others . So , you may have it if you want . Don't be shy . Hee .

Saturday, October 23

A Final Score

Heyyo , good morning . I woke up early today and start my morning with Add Math questions . Haha . I got my results back . Some papers are so unfortunate , like English and Bio . My Bio paper's marks declined because of the objective part while English because of the essay part . No opinion for Agama as my marks are constant everytime . Chemistry is upset . Just made some careless mistakes and my teacher took the Chemisty's marking scheme as the real examiners . Anything beyond the marking scheme is considered wrong -.- Well , I'm proud of my performance in Add Math . I managed to pass and got an C for this time . Still , it's not the best grade but it's like a huge success for me because I kept failing my add math before this . Sejarah , it's impossible to score full marks without having any tips . Whole class had the so-called tips , so it's win-win situations . It only matters if you can memorize or not . Well , I memorized and added with some creativity . Hee . Maths is higher than my expectation . It really creates a gap . Anyway , I did work for it . I did a lot of questions . So I got an A+ . Yeay ! Physics and BM are not that upset , but not too bad either . Now waiting for EST . I'm looking for EST's marks . If I can get A for this subject , then 6 A's will be in my hands . No time for this , no joke . SPM left for 30 days only . Gotta pump my weak subjects as much as I can . Till here :)

I miss you baby .

Monday, October 18

Gain By Experience

Happy Monday people . The seminar last weekends was so cool and interesting . I got lots of new knowledge . Especially Add Maths . I learned how to make it our every single working shorter and simpler . Wow amazing yeh ! Hee . Alright today , school's assembly was all about Rakan Cop information line lauching . So there were kawad kawalan , drama sketch and police car * Ninoninonino haha * Unluckily the hall was wet and we had no choices except just shut our mouths , sit down and enjoy the event -.- Oh by the way , you know I rarely online these days . Obviously busy studying . Haha . Dear followers and guests , sorry for not visiting your sites yeah . Tomorrow Paramore will live on our stage at Bukit Jalil Stadium . Hmm it's look I'm not going to and miss the chance to see Hayley Williams with her cute face , blonde hair and awesome voice :'( People around me knew how much I'm obsessed with Paramore . Whatever it is , I will always stick to them .


Friday, October 15

Exchanging Information

Hey boys . Hi girls . I'm suppose to go to school tomorrow as it's Hari Kokurikulum . This event is held its first ever , I think . I'm one of the candidates who got the appreciation for involving in activities at district level and NILAM award ! Hee . Unfortunately , I wouldn't be there . I'm going to Seminar SPM for both Saturday and Sunday at UiTM Section 7 . Are anyone join this seminar ? So I guess I see you there yeah . So far , I got some paper exam results . Hmm , I don't know what to comment about my marks . I'm confident enough on my teras subjects but not on my elective subjects . Gosh , it's hard , can't deny it .

That's alright because I love the way you lie :')

Thursday, October 14

False Statement

May anyone tell me the quotes on lying ?
Because I'm currently
speechless and heartless :')

Wednesday, October 13

Under College Age

Hey fellas . For the other students , today was the first day they attended to school as PMR finally has ended . So congrats yeah to PMR candidates . At least , you are now free from your 'perintah berkurung' . Haha . Hmm , from Monday until today , I don't know why the teachers rarely entered the class . Meaning , I went to school but doing nothing because me and my friends were just hanging out in the library . Why the teachers have to be absent from the class when we , the students really want to study ? Aiyoyo . Okay , I had fun today . I couldn't stop laughing because my classmates were totally hyper-active . Haha . 5 Perdana is a big family . If someone is going to library , the others would follow too . If someone is copying one's homework answers , the others would do the same thing too . Haha . Our beloved BM teacher, Puan Zahida is going to Mekah this Saturday to do the haji thingy . She wouldn't be around until December . Aahh , it was a bad news for us . Eventhough , we are going through the SPM without you , we give you our words that we will do our best . We hope you will have safe journeys , teacher . TTYL :)

I do love you , A

Sunday, October 10

Nine Plus One

Good evening readers . Creating new post today is a must , right ? Yeah , it's 10-10-10 . What a beautiful date . I'm sure many people are enjoying their good moments now. For me , I attended my friend's brother wedding . And for Datuk Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor , he's celebrating his wedding with his beloved ones , Dr. Halina . So cute both of them . Hee . Hmm , have anyone noticed that there is no more gadget box of my love affair ? I think you can conclude it yourself :( I have a thought to create a fanpage for this blog and sign up for a formspring , twitter and tumbler account . If I sign up for those things , will you like it ? Will you follow me ? Haish , so much questions huh ? Haha . Tomorrow is a school day * Fara dee , do not complain * I wonder if I will get my exam paper . Just wait and see lah .

p / s : yeay ! This blog finally got 100 followers :)

Saturday, October 9

Marked By Boredom

Yesterday , Syawal month was officially end . That's mean no more open house and no more raya money . Haha . Well , I got RM 100 ++ for this raya . Wuhuu . Okay , my morning routine starts with the tv . Blogger boy story on 8tv is always be my fav . Hee . I woke up quite early today . Then , I had a simple breakfast while switching on my lappy . My mom told me she was too lazy to cook , so she forced me to get up and get a bath because later , I have to attend a wedding . The caterer boys were all good looking and the food was so yummy . My mom asked me to keep the catering number for my wedding soon . Haha *Mama , 9 tahun lagi laa :')* Now , it's evening . And I plan to finish my homework . Such a freakin bored life . Erggh . Have a nice day peeps ;)

Cheer myself up :)

Friday, October 8

Flowing From Eyes

Hey people . Happy Friday . Hmm , I'm supposed to enjoy my day as I didn't go to school but yeah , life is unexpected . I think about better days and wonder if I'll feel that way again . Unfortunately , it is not today . Not now . I wish I have the answers . I'm hoping to understand why he has said those things . At the end , I just wipe the tears on my cheek :')

Praying that you'll never let me go .

Thursday, October 7

Last Part

Yey ! My trial exams finally end ! I don't need to drink coffee anymore and I can get a lot of sleep . Hee . I had already told my mom that I would be absent tomorrow . Haha . Hmm , I hope my exams results for this time are a way better than before . I just want to pass all the exams . At the end of this month , there would be parents-take-report-cards-home . I don't want them to see my red marks again -.-

SPM is my last part .

Wednesday, October 6

Passionate Affection

Hello readers . I just took a little time to create this new post .
Hey , have you ever noticed that there are not very much story about my boyfie ? Haha .
Okay , done . Hee :)

Sunday, October 3

Branch Of Learning

Greeting :) Since I am doing my trial exam , I grabbed the chance to join a study group . Well it's not really a study group actually because it's just me and Fatin . Haha . In the first place , Fatin asked me to teach her physics but when we got there *shahalam library* she asked me to do her essay . Haiyo Fatin . Luckily , she is my friend so I helped her what I could . I did some est questions and read physics note . Oh yeah , we also did some reflection of our stupidosss . Haha .

I have bio and est exam tomorrow . Wish me luck :)

Saturday, October 2

Acts In A Play

Happy Saturday people . I hope you enjoyed your day . Well , for me I had fun today . I enjoyed being with my favourite celebrities like Liyana Jasmay , Lisa Surihani and Emma AF8 . Hee . It was actually an event of Celebrities Aidilfitri Open House organized by Watsons and Era FM . Awesome dude . Haha. My mom and I came together to enjoy delicious food . As usual , I ate a lot . Haha . Hmm , I got nothing much to say , so let the photos talk yeah :)

Unluckily , I missed the chance to meet and greet Dafi -.-

Out Of Sorts

Dear F , I don't care about what you think of me . Seriously , I don't give a damn . We are not even friends . That is why you said that I am such a snob . Yess , I admit that I am quiet and not really outgoing . Unless I am with my close friends and family , then I am talkative . But have you ever try to approach me at school ? Never . So , you have no right to judge me . Oh by the way , stop calling me with that name . I am not your girlfriend . Just because you are a handsome guy , I will attract to you easily huh ? Such a kind-of-mat-rempit boy . Haha .

Hello October :)

Thursday, September 30

You Ease My Mind

Him : How's your add math exam honey ?
Her : Emm . It was very bad -.-
Him : Will you pass the exam ?
Her : I wish I know .
Him : It's okay . I know you had done your best . For now , you just focus on your next paper . Okay wife ?
Her : Alright . Thanks baby :)
Him : Welcome dear :)

I need you , always .

Tuesday, September 28

Good And Bad

I drink a lot of coffee lately as I need energy and to be able to stay awake . I do not know why but I prefer to do my late night revision . Maybe I am a night owl . So I drink coffee as the pick - me - up in the morning because coffee promotes me alertness and attention . And yeah , I'm aware of the stimulatory effects of caffeine . I'm having a difficulty falling asleep now . I am so tired -.-

p / s : I'm not a heavy coffee drinker .

Saturday, September 25

I Got A Ring

Hey hubby , currently I am enganged to my trial exams . Not to you . Haha . Dear followers , I just want to say that I am busy . I do not have much time to do blogwalking . Sorry yeah ? After this exams end , everything would be back to normal . I would shout to your box .

How was my Saturday ? Nothing much . I woke up late . I had a nice simple lunch with my mom . I attended an open house at Section 23 . Luckily , my family and I arrived early as a few minutes then , heavy rain ! The food were superb . For the first time , I ate kambing panggang with barbecue sos and potato yeast . It was juicy and creamy . Yummy . Other than that , I ate bihun sup , sate , nugget , mee bandung and nasi Arab . Oh , I love food . Veryyyy much . Hee . At home , here I am now , blogging , facebooking and studying . *study ? what the ? ! Okay , I guess I end it here . Chow :)

p / s : I changed my blog skin . Okay tak ?

Friday, September 24

Stand Together

Yeah you candidates , have you realize that PMR and SPM are just around the corner ? For me , the answer is definitely yess . A moment ago , we did the prayer of need at Masjid Ubudiah . We asked Allah to help us with our pressing examinations . We asked Him everything that leads to our success and enrichment in all good . Insyaallah , I would get a great result :)

Tuesday, September 21

PM berhari raya bersama rakyat

" Jika kita sanggup berubah , kita akan kembalikan kepercayaan rakyat " , kata Datuk Seri Najib Razak pada Majlis Perdana Menteri Berhari Raya Bersama Rakyat anjuran UMNO Selangor di Dewan Alamanda , Seksyen 20 , di sini , malam tadi .

Hah . Sudah mendengar berita di corong radio ? Sudah mendengar berita utama di televisyen ? Sudah membaca artikel pada akhbar harian ?

Ini sudah kenapa ini ? Mari sini . Cik Fara Dee hendak bercerita . Alkisahnya aku tergolong antara ribuan orang ramai yang hadir menerjah majlis rumah terbuka tersebut . Mana tidaknya , dewan belakang rumah dik . Berjalan meninggalkan beberapa tapak , sudah tiba di situ . Keterujaan aku tidak dapat dinafikan terserlah apabila mampu menikmati pelbagai juadah yang disediakan . Sungguh menyelerakan . Tambahan lagi , percuma kot . Hee . Pengalaman yang jarang jarang aku alami apabila dapat melihat kelibat Perdana Menteri kita yang segak berbaju melayu berwarna jingga . Walaupun hanya mampu melihat beliau dari jauh , terubat juga hati yang kerisauan dek kerana kerja sekolah yang masih belum disiapkan di rumah . Haha . Turut hadir , isteri Perdana Menteri , Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor , Menteri Dalam Negeri , Datuk Seri Hishammudin Hussein , Menteri Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani , Datuk Seri Noh Omar dan kira kira 10 , 000 rakyat pelbagai kaum . Biar aku ulang , 10 , 000 .

* Terdapat juga para artis yang dijemput untuk menghiburkan orang ramai :)

Thursday, September 16

Seven Heavens

Heyyo people . Finally , we got the chance to visit our friends . Well , it's Hari Raya and it's holiday . Haha . We started the trip at Mira's house and ended it at Yaya's . Thanks to Durra for driving us to here and there . Hee . Seven people in one car ? Hell yeah :D

Btw , seven heavens mean seven people to seven houses .

Wednesday, September 15


I am weak an abused . I am told I am bad . I hate when I cry .

Monday, September 13

Sinaran Lebaran :)

Hari raya keempat menjelang sudah . Kenangan manis pahit masam masin kelat , semuanya pun sudah tercoret . Semestinya menjadi memori yang takkan luput dan sentiasa dikenang . Aku pun begitu la hendaknya . Tertawa kecil bila mengenang kembali gelagat kaum kerabat . haha . Haish di sini la aku , setelah pulang dari kampung halaman . Beraya sakan ke sana ke mari tapi duit raya tidak lah segah mana . Al maklum lah tumbesaran tetap berjalan seperti biasa . Nampak nya penulisan aku terhenti di sini saja . Masakan aku hendak bercerita dari A hingga Z perihal raya tahun ini . Anda semua pun bukan berminat hendak mengambil tahu , kan ?

Dalam berhari raya , ada juga yang berduka . Al fatihah kepada datuk saudara .

Sunday, September 12


Aku tiada perasaan . Esok saja aku bercerita perihal raya kali ini .

Kampung dik . Mana ada line . Beri kefahaman sikit boleh ?

Thursday, September 9

Eh , raya laa :)

Hola , to all my Muslim friends and readers of this blog , I wish you all a warm Happy Eid al - Fitr . May the magic of Eid warms your world with happiness and fill your life with joy and good cheer . Maaf zahir dan batin . Have a blessed Eid . Selamat Hari Raya :)

p / s : ada tak orang nak bagi duit raya kat saya ? :)

Wednesday, September 8

Memori silam

Aku terjumpa sesuatu . Tiada niat untuk mencari , mengintip . Sememangnya meninggalkan kesan . Peristiwa lama pun kembali mengjangkau . Luka lama berdarah kembali . Aku cuba hiraukan , tapi jauh di sudut hati , tetap terasa . Tetap peduli kata orang . Akibatnya , aku sendiri yang makan hati . Salah aku ke ?

M , engkau yang mulakan segalanya -.-

Tuesday, September 7

A great day

Yeah , I had a great day today . I put a smile on my face and enjoyed the good moments . Shopping with my boyfie was so cool .There's nothing forbidden , no rule . Hee . Busy crowds . We went shopping , hopping and hopping , from this store to that . One thing that I really love to do is when I pick out the ones I'd love to see him in . He then went to try on a few . I offered to come in with him , to give my opinion and lend a hand . Hey , in the men dressing room , ladies are banned okay . Haha . I just stood there outside the door . Oh yeah , I bought a white shirt and totally in love with it . Hee .

*thanks baby for holding my plastic bags :)

Sunday, September 5

Breaking the fast :)

Today , breaking the fast together with them . Oh gosh , I hate breaking the fast at cafes or malls , it is too much . However , I am absolutely certain that we were having fun , kan korang ? haha . For some , it would be better to make a reservation at the restaurant , so we can break the fast on time .

p / s : I cut my hair and im lovin it :)