Monday, February 28

The Alteration

Well, I've got the time to post something today. I wondered if there's people that keep on following me here. Anyone? Hihi. I think I'm gonna make a simple change that will make a big difference in my baby blog. So you'll see.

My day off supposed to be tomorrow, I mean Tuesday. But, I decided to change it. So here I am. Today is my day off. I went to bed quite early yesterday but still, I'd the difficulties to get up this morning. My phone was really acting up. I have an alarm set and I hit snooze a couple of times. Hihi. Eventually I did get myself out of bed to make something and brighten my day a bit. So I went out with a friend to Sunway Pyramid (SP). There's too much funny stories to tell ya. LQTM. Haha.

We watched a film, I am Number Four. Seriously, I'm not really into action movies. When my friend chose this film, I was like nahhh. Okay I had to watch it but then I really enjoyed this movie. It was good! I recommend you this movie so you can watch and feel the same way like I do alright. Grabbed our Mcvalue lunch and then went shopping. Oh, I loveeee being close with walking and shopping. Hihi. I bought a top from Romp. Actually, I've been wanting this top for ages and I found it. It's still right there. Thank God.

You know what, even though I've been recently to SP but, boleh lagi tersalah naik bas masa nak balik! Haha. We took the wrong bus and reached Summit. Luckily, we could handle it and everything's settled. I couldn't stop laughing at that time. Sumpah kelakar okay! Haha. Sorry dear friend, I should lead you to the right way but then I made us lost our way. Hihi. I reached home about 8 plus. F asked me to meet up. So yeah, we chit-chat a little bit, no big deal. I'd dinner with my parents at home, reading the newspaper and boom, I'm here now.Obviously, writing these craps. What I can say, I've had some great times with my friends and parents today. Thanks for making my day. Love ya, x :)


Friday, February 25

Never Previously Done

Hello fellows. Guess what? I got my first salary ever already! Hihi. And I took my parents out to a dinner at KFC after I got back from work. Okay, I'm obviously LAME. Haha. Well, we had a great time. I'm not so close to my parents lately because I keep busy, so that was the right time for us to get along back. Don't ask why there were just only me and my parents. My eldest brother currently staying at Batu Pahat, jyeah. My second annoying brother? Huh, I wish I know where has he been. Never mind, I'm still the baby girl in the family. Hihi. So, I've short listed all the plans I wanted to do using my own money. Or in another word, my budget. Cehh. Haha. Can't wait for this Tuesday, my day off. Let's go shopping like hell yeah. I know just what I want. I want to buy this, that, these, those. Hihi. Ah, forgot to tell ya, I've put the FB 'like' button in every posts. So do like it! Heeee. I got a story to tell ya. Like so freaking funny. When I was walking to go my workplace, there's a customer with a big heart expelled his intestinal gas to me! I was like, gosh, did he fart? I don't even care if he wanted to fart but the thing that I couldn't accept was, he farted in front of me with its soooo loud sound. Hahahahaha. Adoi, tak pasal pasal saya bergelak ketawa macam orang gilo dengan Rayhan. Hihi. Ehh, I should stop. It's already late and I have to go to bed right now. Otherwise, I'm too sleepy and lazy to get up tomorrow. Hoish, like I'm still in high school you know. Have to follow the rules, wake up early and bla bla. Goodnight, take care! x

Aww, I love Gossip Girl!

Tuesday, February 22

Spell It Right

"Sumpah kelakar video ni!"
This is what I've said to my cousin when she asked me to watch this video. Hihi. Totally agree with Anwar's opinion. Honestly, I'm not comfortable to text or IM someone that is using these type of spelling. Why don't we just like, Spell-it-right? It would be much easier to understand. Yeah I know, sometimes it's like a trend to spell something with this kinda ewww thing. I admit that once, I've used that spelling. It's funny, lol. At that time, I never thought that it was so annoying as no one taught me how to use the short form in messages. I just follow what people did. But now, I called this type of spelling as bahasa rempit. Ooopss, no offense. Itew gurau2x jew taww awakss. Chayunk awakss. Mwahxxxx :D

Wednesday, February 16

Meddles In The Affairs Of Others

Hey there! Since today is Wednesday, which is one of my off day so yeah I did wake up late, at about 1pm something. The alarm clock plug had fallen out of the outlet. I got up and opened my eyes. The light coming in is getting yellower. I always wonder about my own self getting up late. But now I know the reason why :) You guys should check it out too. Go here alright. My buddy texted me, asking me to go out. I showered and put on some clothes. Just lepak lepak with my colleagues and doing nothing. I'm glad to see the sun shine. Hmm I keep busy and stuck at my workplace till I didn't notice the changing environment. What a nice day, I thought. Last night I went to bank and still, I don''t get my salary yet. Haish, when will I get it? It's been soooo long since my supervisor took my punch card. I have no money, oh lifeless gila la weyh! Wait, I think my life needs more music, downloading be damned. I'm not sure what I just wrote means I will be downloading music or I won't. I meant it to mean I will. Hihi. Actually I have nothing much to say but I just want to tell you that I would resign from my job. I begin to feel bullied. The people out there are too nosy and keep on intruding into my affairs. Ergh, stop meddling in my personal life! STFU -.-

Im feelin so fly like a G6, jyeah!

Friday, February 11

Jeritan Bisu

Aku minta jasa baik kau, biarkan jurang yang ada antara kita. Jangan tanya aku kenapa kerna kau sendiri tahu sebab musababnya. Aku tahu kau ingin meleraikan segala persoalan yang bermain dalam fikiran kau. Ya, aku masih sayangkan kau. Itulah jawapan yang kau cari sepanjang ketiadaan aku dalam hidup kau. Aku pernah berkata, apa sahaja yang berlaku antara kita, takkan sesekali aku mengeluarkan kata-kata makianku dan meninggi suara terhadap kau. Aku akan cuma, diam. Berdiam diri. Terlalu mudah untuk kau melafazkan kata cinta kau, dan terlalu mudah juga untuk kau buang aku. Aku tak pernah menafikan, sememangnya banyak benda untuk dikenang tetapi kenangan itu sudah menjadi debu yang berterbangan bila kau lupa masa kau lepaskan aku. Biar aku ulang, masa kau lepaskan aku. Kau kenal aku, kau hidup dengan aku. Kau fikir senyuman yang terukir pada wajah aku itu menandakan aku gembira dengan perpisahan kita? Kau fikir kebisuan suaraku menandakan setuju untuk kau pergi? Kau fikir ketenangan gerak geri tubuhku menandakan aku tidak hirau untuk melepaskan kau? Engkau salah. Fahamilah aku. Maafkan aku kerna aku tak bisa berdiplomasi, kerna aku tahu hanya emosi yang menguasai diri. Sedangkan semasa aku menaip coretan ini, aku menahan linangan air jernih yang bakal mengakhiri segalanya. Mungkin tanpa aku, kau lebih bahagia. Insyaallah. Aku pohon pada kau, jangan cari aku lagi. Wsalam.

Aku tahu, ia dalam BM.

Wednesday, February 9

Away From Work

Heyyo readers. At last, I'm free to sign in my today. Last night, I text-ed my supervisor and asked him whether I may take a day off and his answer was a big Yes. Thank you! Oh yeah, I've switched to other company. From AD accessories to Giomax company. I'm so excited about my current company as the job is much easier. Although the supervisor rarely talk and acts awkward around me, but I know he's kind and charming as well. Hihi. My nose is still running. Pffft. I can't blame anyone as I'm soooo stubborn for not taking any medicine. I just want all the good bacterias in my body do their jobs efficiently. Har har. So I spend my day laying my hands on the keyboard as I'm too lazy to go out. Plus, I got no transportation. FML. It's alright then as I miss wearing my short pants and acting crazy at home. Hihi. I have about 1000++ questions in my FS inbox. Hell yeah I have to answer all those questions. Haish. Hey, some people said to me that in this year, if someone have a crush on you, you have to give that guy a chance as it would be the most long-lasting relationship you would ever have. I know we shouldn't trust that kinda things but it's really excites me. Haha. There's a guy told me about his feelings towards me and I don't even notice that he likes me. At that time, I was like, what? Oh my god. What can I say, you know I'm not the one for you. Let's just be friends okay. Anyway, thanks for that feeling, F. Hmm okay. I got to go. I have a 'date' with Fatin this evening. Haha. See yeah!

Take care, A :')