Sunday, January 30

Man Of The Match - Apex

Khairul Apex 22 :)

Let me tell you first, my nose is running and I'm sneezing a lot. Like crazy. Grr. I feel horrible and so tired. Okay enough with that. It's not the main story that I would like to tell you guys. You know what, I met Khairul Fahmi Che Mat when I was working yesterday! Can you believe that? Oh my God, he's so cute and have a very tough body. Hahaha. Please do not be jealous as I got his signature and grabbed the chance to talk to him like, face-to-face. I was so excited and my face was blushing at that time. Hee. I planned to write this entry right away after I got home but again, I got no time last night. So here I am. Congratulations to Apex of being the man of the match! You deserved it, my hero. Awww. Even though, I live in Selangor and supposed to support our team but yet, I still have the Kelantanese blood in my descendant. Selangor and Kelantan, love yah. About my job, I do not know whether I should stop working. My friends are all planning to resign because of some reasons. One of the reasons is because of the gossipers. Hello, this is not high school. Just leave all the dramas behind and stop talking shit about other people. You think you're great enough? Just because of you're the seniors and we have to respect you? A big no for that. For me, I won't respect that kinda people. Sorry to say but I hate you. Bye.

Fever, please go away?

Saturday, January 22

Not Existing Before

Sorry-I-am-busy, that's the most common sentence I've said whenever people asked me how's my life been going lately. I have no time to do my daily routines like, watching tv or reading the newspaper. See? Ergh. You guys might not have noticed but I haven't post anything in my blog since last ten days. Haha. So far, I'm quite satisfied with my job but it doesn't mean that all things are going well. Problems with the supervisor, stocks and customer pressure me so much. Never mind. At least, I got the experiences and could make my self to be a better person. Insya-allah. Oh yeah, I met new people and got new friends. They are super cool. Haha. I never thought that they're like so open-minded and very helpful. Thank you guys, you've made my day. Hee. Laying my hands on the keyboard is a rare for me now. What can I say? I'm busy lol. I heard that Facebook is gonna close soon. Nahh, I don't believe it. Mark Zuckerberg would not shut down it. If it's really true, it's just the end of Mark Z. Not the end of Facebook. I guess, me and you shouldn't worry about that. For me, Facebook brings us more benefit than other things. Can you figure out, how you guys would contact the old friends? It's not easy without Facebook, right? So go FB, I'll support you. Hihi. Till here x

18 Months, love ya :)

Tuesday, January 11

Having A Desire For

Guess what? I got a job already! Haha. Finally, thank God. But, this is not the job that I was talking about in my last post. I didn't get that job so I find another one. I've started working last day. At first, I do not want a job where I've to communicate with people, like promote things and whatever but this one, is most likely like that. Never mind. I just want to start working and gain some money now. Plus, 2010 session starting in September for IPTA students. When I knew about it, I was like @#$%. Means, I've to wait for 9 months to further my studies. God, that is a long freaking time. Dear followers, please and please, leave your link if you want me to check out your blog. Unless you want to keep your blog private, well then it's your choice. I can't do anything. Oh yeah, I found Tumblr is a really interesting blog. So if you got one, you may visit and follow mine. Don't be shy. Hihi. By the way, is that true that Pringles is illegal to eat? I didn't know about that as I kept on buying and eating Pringles. It is not that bad after all. So they should just go and get the halal title first. Hey belieber, Justin Bieber is coming to the town! Scream out loud. Haha. I can't believe that he's coming this April. The fans can see his cute face. Lucky you. I'm not a really fan of him, so jyeah. Haha. Okay, I should stop. Byebye :)

" I need somebody to love "
- JB

Tuesday, January 4

A Paid Position

Hey there. Long time no write huh? I'm sorry. I've been busy and plus, I have nothing to say so that's why my baby blog is full with dust. I planned to write something on the first January as an opening for the new year but yeah. Haha. For the last two days, I helped my dad doing his business. More or less, I filled my free time with something benefit and of course, some money pocket. Well, it's better than nothing. But I can't deny that I was majorly tired. This lovely Tuesday is like an extraordinary for me. I've been never go to a job interview but finally, I got that experiences today. I followed my friend, filled in the form and bla bla bla. The interesting part was I didn't feel scared or nervous at that time. I asked a lot of questions to him, I mean the interviewer and I was like, oh my god did I just impress myself? Haha. Also, I have my own EPF account! Like seriously. Yes. I'm a big girl now. Hihi. It's not confirm yet whether I get the job or not. He said he'll call me so let's just wait. I'm so excited and hopefully, I will get it because I do not want to be a jobless for 3-6 months. Hell yeah. The salary is just handsome. Haha. In other word, very large for me. I know you guys are like wondering, what is the job I am going to? Hmm I guess I won't tell. Sorry. Kthnxbai ;)

No money no talk babeyh.