Friday, December 31

The Last Day of The Year

Can't believe it. We are leaving our precious 2010 behind. I'm sure there were a lot of sweet and bad memories created throughout the year. Since today is the New Year's Eve, writing a post is like a must. Right? Oh yeah, congratulations to our football team for being the champion. We managed to defeat Indonesia. Yey! So proud with Malaysian. Because of that, we all get a holiday. It's like a history. Cool. Hihi. I've nothing much to say here actually but I would like to wish you guys, Happy New Year. Every new year people make resolutions to change aspects of themselves they believe are negative.A majority of people revert back to how they were before and feel like failures. I'm used to be like that too but you know what, this year I want to challenge myself to just be myself. That is my new resolution. So how about yours? I wish you health, so you may enjoy each day in comfort. As usual, there would be a celebration with parties and social gatherings spanning the transition of the year at midnight. But for me, it's like unusual. Hihi. I would rather spend my time with my family at home and watching tv. Yeah, seems like freaking boring. Never mind. Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right! Alhamdulillah :)

Goodbye 2010. I'll miss you.

Sunday, December 26

Social Interaction

Hello there. How's your day so far? I hope you guys are just fine. Oh yeah, Merry Christmas for those who're celebrating it. So yesterday, I went out with my girls. Shopping and watching movies which was Gulliver's Travel. God, that movies was totally freaking funny. I can't stop laughing while watching it in cinema. Hihi. I recommend this movie for you to watch okay. I bought three awesome shirts in three different colors. Green, white and gray. Can't wait to wear them yeah. I ate Domino's Pizza for dinner. So tasty, love pizza. A lot. I know you like pizza too, don't you? Hihi. So that's the way I spent my Saturday. For today, there's an annoyed guy that accused me for asking him such copy-and-paste questions in FS. I swear to God that I created all the questions by my self. What's wrong with you? If you do not want to answer my questions, then just delete them. Easy huh? If it's really true, show me where the hell is the question that I'm copying? Har har. I know my questions are too great right? That's why you think that I'm not capable enough to create those questions and from that, you accused me that I am a copy cat.You said I'm a slut but who is the one who started this first? Being nice, I told you that I'm not copying other questions but all of sudden you called me, betina. Please think, okay.If it's my fault, I'm sorry but no. This is your fault. Once again, all those questions are originally from me.If you blamed me because I'm asking you in English, well then you do not have the rights. Truth to be told, it's my right. Here is my blog. Please don't you ever stalk my blog. Enough said.

I've re-edited this post. Satisfy?

Tuesday, December 21

Very Enthusiastic

Hello guys. I'm sorry for ignoring your visits here. I just have something new experiences and I'm forgetting my baby blog. Sorry alright? Well, I've nothing much to say actually. My life is not that great and I admit that I'm just a pathetic loser. Can you believe after all I've been studied sooo hard in my SPM but I haven't go out yet until now? Haha. Okay whatever. I'm glad to know that Formspring and Tumblr really suit my type well. Tumblr is easy, just reblog something that you like. Formspring is fun, I got lots of friends there. Thank you for being my alam maya buddies. Hihi. I planned to find a job but I haven't do that. So currently I can call myself as, Penganggur Terhormat. Nice name isn't it? Haha. I woke up late, went to bed late. Yesterday, I went to school to get my UPU number pin. Who's applying for university, they know what the hell is the number pin I'm talking about. After a long walk, I sat with my friends, having chit chat about Korean. God, I'm not a fan of Korean thingy, derr? So I just shut my mouth and listened to their obsession. Hihi. I was shocked to know that Zac and Josh are leaving Paramore. They said they want to spend more time with their family. Oh I'm totally not ready to accept that facts. Still, Paramore has to get a move on. My feelings towards Paramore will never change as long as Hayley is there. Hey, my pet sister told me that she loves to read my post as my words are sometimes funny. You've got to be kidding me. But I'm glad. At least there's someone that loves my stories. Aiceh. Haha. Got to go. Good-bye.

I'm bored, but I'm comfortable being at home.

Wednesday, December 15

Nothing More To Do With

Hello guys . I'm back ! Yess , I'm here . I'm sitting in front of my lappy , writing my new post . Lend me your ears because I wanna say something in a high-pitched to you that , " Woi , saya dah habis SPM laa ! Haha " Miss blogging like #@$% . Truth to be told , I'm no longer a high school student that wearing school uniforms , heavy books in my bag , listening to all discipline thingy , following rules . So , let's be freak out ! But but but but my little heart say that , I'm gonna miss all that . Friendship , laughter , silly things , mischievous behavior and those ahhh , alaa , nahhh words when the teachers are starting to teach or giving homework . Hihi . Guys , I'll feel the sadness at no longer being able to enjoy the presence of those memories . Okay , I think I wanna change the topic before I start to cry or whatever . Haha . Oh yeah , how was my SPM ek ? It's not that hard like I used to think before . Macam exam biasa , so it seems . I've done my things , so lets be the examiners do their things . Just wait for my result lah . I planned to find a job , to support my allowance during this holidays . Yahooooo , I'll earn my own money and shopping like there's no tomorrow . Hihi . By the way , I've sign up for a Tumblr and Formspring account . Do check them out okay . Yeah I know at the age of seventeen , saya baru nak buat semua itu . I'm not really used to social network thingy lah . So whatever . Alright , I guess I end it here . Thank you for looking after my baby blog yeah :)

Oh , my baby blog has changed its skin ! Cantik tak kawan kawan ? Haha