Wednesday, March 23

Socially Acceptable

Hey guys, whaddup? Hows your day so far? Mine? Fuhh, speechless babe. Hahaha. I went to bed late last night, texting with H :) Got four hours of sleep on this morning and up early. I felt quite weirdoooo sebab liat sangattt nak bangun awal before this but then, this morning, senang laa pulok celik mata. Hehehe. Well, you know, no matter how late I went to bed, my body would just 'wake up' at right around 10am because I need to face the biggest fear in my life so far. Yupp, the biggest ever.

I got dress up and I put on a new green clothes. Just to give myself to feel the positive aura. Hihi. I went to school with Fatin and as soon as we arrived, the teachers made an announcement untuk kumpulkan all the SPM 2010 candidates. So sempat jugak la usha usha macam mana budak budak yang dah habis sekolah dress up. Hahaha. Ada yang okay, and ada jugak yang euwww, over okay? It's just a school, girl. I don't think you need to show off your heels -,- Oh yeah, I do noticed there're some boys with long hair, covering their forehead and whatever. No need to be neat anymore. Hehehe.

I didn't feel anything at that time, like seriously. The teachers were babbling about the universities, future and stuff like that. And me? Sempat lagi buat topup through sms, tolak duit akaun. Bhahahaha. Yeah when I wasn't pay any attention, I heard several people around me beginning to clap and cheer. Their hands were waving here and there. Hehehe. I saw Nik and Siva were wearing coat. Ohhhh I see. They are the BEST students whos got the BEST result! Congrats both of you! Sepuluh A kotttt :)

Tears suddenly came out from my eyes. I felt touched because they are my ex-classmates. We're studying and laughing together all this while. I'm happy for them. All the best guys! Gosh, they got what they want. What about mine? I kept waiting and waiting for the nervous wave. I saw my friends, one by one walking to the stage as their names were announced. Hm I was losing hope at that time. I thought, okay Fara just accept whatever happens. Redha je la.

I was standing besides Syahira, looking at the teacher and she said, " Okay bagi calon yang mendapat keputusan 6A pula ialah ; Noor Farah Diba binti Arifin! " Syahira pushed me, asking me to move forward. And I was like, Ya Allahhhhhhh :') I hugged Datin tightly and cried like a baby, in front of hundreds people. Soooo embarrassed. Hihi. Maybe this is not the best result but I never thought that I could take the slip from Datin, my own principle. I called Ayah to tell him my result and he's just said, congrats. Thankyousomuch Ayah. So this is what I've got, in conclusion:

Bahasa Melayu - A+
Bahasa Inggeris - A-
Pendidikan Islam - A
Sejarah - A-
Mathematics - A+
Additional Mathematics - B
Physics - B+
Chemistry - B+
Biology - B
English For Science and Technology - A-

See? I managed to get 2A+, 1A, 3A-, 2B+ and 2B. Alhamdulillah. I would like to take the opportunity to say congratulations to my dear friends and all the SPM 2010 candidates over the world for the thumbs-up-result! Also, I express my gratitude to my parents and teachers. I wish I could give you more but hm I'm truly sorry. I've done everything, maybe it's not enough. Hm thankyousomuch for teaching me! Give me the guidance and supports. I would never forget that! I've promised to myself, I would do so much better than this in future. I would study hard. Do pray for me, aite?

Oh one more thing, sorry I wrote too much. Menon :p


Sunday, March 20

Open-air Activity

Look at the title, okay jangan nak open-air activity sangat laa kan. Haram jadah aku duduk rumah jer sepanjang masa -,- Whatever you're doing, do accept the fact that no matter what, tomorrow would be the Moanday. Opss I mean, Monday. Hihi. So goodbye students! Now your school holidays are totally done. Thank God it's over. Peace (!) Frankly, I don't really know what to blog about anymore. Hm let me see ya.

I was enjoying my lazy Sunday, listening to some old songs when Mama asked me to go out earlier this afternoon. So for this time, I should follow her. We dressed quickly and left the house. Yay, I was finally able to get out and I was rocking not being stuck at home! Bhahaha. We went to PAS, again. As it is the nearest shopping mall we got. Never mind, I still love being at there. So Mama spent her money, well have you ever heard something like, like-mother-like daughter-thing? Hihi. We both are shopaholics I tell ya.

Mama said she wanted to buy kain langsir, so we went to second floor. I think I've influenced her as she decided to make our house green with greenish curtain for this raya! Hee. Yela meyh, green is my FAV color ever :D Oh ya, there's one this guy yang serve kitaorang, so funny! Haha. I couldn't stop laughing when he kept on doing his stupid jokes. Mama just geleng kepala and said to me that abang tu saja nak menyakat mentang mentang ada anak dara. Hehehe. That guy is quite charming and I just know his name when one of his colleagues called him. His name is err hm um okay, starting with F :)

I went to my workplace to see N and another F. Haish too many F huh? Hihi. Well N is shoooo good looking as always. I just hm adore him. I can't stand it okay! Haha. We talked a little bit about how's work going on for him. He said everything's fine, so yeah. But we couldn't talk much because the fucking exec kept rounding us. And I was like, eh? Before this, taknak pulak sibuk sibuk pasal pekerja dia. She stared at me a few times, with her annoying creepy face. Hell, do I care loser? Booyahhh.

I wish I could meet the Celcom boy and budak Al-ikhsan so I texted them, asking whether they're working or not today as I didn't see any of them. So okay, I guessed they're on leave or whatever. But then, they gave me a veryyyy late reply, telling me yes they're working. Waterparkkkk? I've reached home at that time. Useless you know! Hm I was quite disappointed, lagi lagi tak dapat jumpa budak Al-ikhsan. Hehe. Dulu when I was still working, I was always dok usha usha dia and one day, all of sudden, he smiled at me. I was like, ohmaigaddd. Haha. Since that moment, he kept looking at me and smiling. Hee. He's such a cute boy and I think I'm starting to like him. Wokay, I'm blushing already :) I guess I end it here. Toodles! x


Thursday, March 17

Extremely Impressive

Sorry, for keep on updating my blog. Waittt, do I have to say sorry? Hahahahaha. Enough with that. So yesterday I went out with my best friend! Well actually we didn't planned to do anything, she just accompanied me to see my rotation to do something important with my previous job. I believed only God knows the best for us. We met soooo many our ex-colleagues and you know what? It's all coincidence. Yupp.

Oh yeah, we talked about everything and everywhere. We went here and there. We went to karaoke room 46 for karaoke, obviously! After gossiping, after lunch, in the afternoon, it's a great place to unwind, let out our inner performer and just have fun. I never thought that Hanna has the best voice ever. Impressive, girl! Because of her, I started to like this one song, Aku Takkan Bersuara by Nike Ardilla. Come on, try to hear it. Feeling habis! Hihi. Truth to be told, I have no interest kat lagu lagu lama. Rasa macam lame gilaaa. But then, we would never ever can find a way to get rid of those type of songs.

Here it is, the picture of the day. This is me with Acap and Rayhan Hanna. Yeyeakutahutaknakpakainamakampungye. Hihi. The others were just being annoyed by avoiding the camera -.- Heyy we don't even care about the ugly faces or whatever because at the end of the day, it would be the sweetest memory. In fact, we may show the picture to anybody we want. Like our son or grandson in future. Haha. We would laugh at ourselves by just seeing the picture! Hihi. So kalau taknak gambar hodoh, show your stiffness and say cheese at least. Is it hard, buddy?

I spent my money, again. Habis seratus ringgit semalam. Haha. Gosh, I can't stand myself from not being a big spender! Never mind la, as long as I used my OWN money. Hee. I bought three shirts. Two of them are like the best-friends-t-shirt-ever. Hihi. Yeah, Hanna and me bought the same tshirt. Can't wait to wear them together soon! We're planning to go out again. For this time, we want to gather all the ex-colleagues. Cehh, macam reunion ye dok? We'll see next week, maybe after the SPM result comes out. Ohmaigaddddd, did I just say SPM result will coming out?!

So the result is coming out, what is my feeling? Hm sometimes I feel too scared but sometimes I feel too excited though! Hahaha. I do not want to predict what will I get in my SPM. I just hope, it would be fine. Ohh yeahh, I got a lot of letters. Not a love letter for sure! Those are all about the colleges, offering me to further education. I'm just not ready yet for all that, seriously. Ehh dah lama tak mention perkataan SPM tu kan? Sekarang babbling la banyak banyak pasal espiem -.-


Monday, March 14

Take A Note

She is the type of girl who responds to guys who smile at her because she wants to be friendly. She is the type of girl who stares hard at the board when she does not understand what the teacher is teaching. She is the type of girl who acts like a kid because she misses her childhood. She is the type of girl who rather get hurt by the truth than lies. She is the type of girl who wishes for good things for people she loves. She is the type of girl who stays loyal to one guy when she learns how to love. She is the type of girl who holds on memories even if it hurts. She is the type of girl I am.

Yes, this is me and only you know me better. I still love you, boy ♥


Sunday, March 13

Goat's Wool

Hey peeps. May you guys have a very good time today. I was too lazy to get up this morning. Yeah since I'm not working anymore, so what should I wake up early? Hihi. I followed Mama to a wedding located at Section 16 which was my old home area. Argh, miss that place. I used to play football with my neighbour and cycling with my brothers. I was a boyish little girl, with the short hair. I think I started to keep my hair long when I was 11. Haha. Seriously, no kidding!

Honestly, I'm not a fashionista. But yet, I'm really glad because there's a woman that has changed all the lame perceptions about, girls yang wearing tudung tak boleh berfesyen. Pffttt -.- Because of our one and only Hana Tajima Simpson, a lot of stylish Muslimahs came out of nowhere. Including me. Yess, I admit it. I tend to follow her style. Oh I'm curious to know, apa beza shawl dengan pashmina eh? It's all look the same lol! Hihi.

I bought two shawl last night, turquoise and red in color. Gosh, sooo excited sampai berangan-angan pakai shawl depan cermin dalam bilik Mama. Haha. I've been always wondered on how to wearing a shawl because I'm not really good in it. So I watch some tutorial video and learned it. Guess what? I'm wearing it today, to the wedding. And and the people around me kept on looking at me like I'm such a freak. Bhahaha. Never mind. I used to be like that when I saw a group of stylish girls hanging out. Grr, jealousy occur. Hihi.

This evening, A called me and asked me to go out for a second. I was quite surprised when I saw there's F and H with him. Rindunyaaaa nak jumpa H. It's been awhile since the last time I met H. I starred at him and I noticed he got a straight type of hair and getting longer. Awak makin handsome sekarang kan? Hihi. Okay, stop flirting. We met and we talked non-stop. But obviously, it's not me who started the conversation. I have nothing to talk. Well, I love talking about nothing and it is the only thing I know anything about. HAHA.

God, my heart goes out to our neighbor in Japan that have been affected by the massive earthquake and following tsunami. At least 350 people are dead and hundreds missing. It's reminds me to the most terrifying incident where the tsunami hit our own place. Here, in Malaysia. The tsunami crashed us, swallowing towns and killing hundreds of people. Thank God, I'm still here and never experience that kind of situation. Let us all pray for the safetiness of the people who lives in Japan. So sad to see what happened to Japan. Hm.


Friday, March 11

Behave In A Specified Way

Hola amigos! Hm I'm thinking of taking Spanish classes. How's that? Hihi. Kidding. Yeah, currently I'm jobless. I've posted my status on FB last night which was, " I've resigned " and Fatin seemed to like it very very much. Haha. I'm so free right now and trying to finish answering questions on FS. Truth to be told, I'm just not really into FS-ing anymore at all. Maybe it's cause I was busy with my previous job, but when I do go on, I don't even feel like answering a real question. I either just read a couple of questions and delete them. Sorry.

So I'm gonna miss a lot of things and a lot of people. Especially my workmates. Gonna miss you guys terribly. All this while, you guys kept on mocking me about my laughter but now, you do not have to hear it anymore. Do miss me a lottttt babeyh! Hihi. To my lovely Doraemon, you should learn how to keep your tummy healthy and happy. You may ask Sizuka how to do it. HAHA. Hm it's look like I have to leave all the boys behind. I mean, all the boys that I kept on looking at when I was working. Hihi. I'll post a special entry about the boys later alright?

Ayah is on his way to Kelantan. May you have a safe journey dad, amin. It's been awhile since I left Kelantan. Last two years, I stayed at my sister's house in KB. I'm not always go on a vacation, so I felt excited enough at that time. Big houses and small roads there gave me a new experience. There's a lot of things that sangat berbeza kalau nak dibandingkan dengan Shahalam. Hihi. At first, I wanted to follow Ayah going back to Pasir Mas but then Mama didn't allow me. She said I won't have a friend to talk to right there. Yada yada yada. Just say that you do no want me to go Mama. End of story.

I'm waiting for the next salary. But for this time, I've to use ALL the money for a driving license. Hm never mind. I know I'm not a rich girl. I have to use my own money to own something. Well, that's why I'm soooo kedekut and jimat. LOL. Most of my money goes to food expenses and shopping. I have about ten new clothes in my closet. I would wear them one by one, can't wait. Hikhik. My rotation said that I look much healthier recently or in the other words, gemuk dah la. There's no doubt looking at me, my thigh is where almost all my weight is. Ish. But you know what, I don't give a fucking damn about my weight. I just loveeeeee to eat a lot. Heee. See, I'm smiling :)


Wednesday, March 2

Drained Of Energy

I can't stop thinking. My body is exhausted, and my mind is still going. Hmm resigning? I'm not ready to leave my current job but I can't do my work as I want. Ayah is going back to Kelantan for a wedding. So he won't be able to send me to work. Okay, I'll quit my job and take driving lessons. How's that yaww? Ohhh, I 've to submit the resignation letter tomorrow. But then, I do not have a printer. FML -.-

I worked the afternoon shift so yeah I did wake up soooo late. I see nothing much happened at work today. My brain identifies this day as the most boring day. Err not too boring actually. Har har. Jun had resigned, jadi saya takda teman nak borak borak sangat la masa kerja. Hmm more or less, I'm happy for her because she got an another job that is a wayyyy better. And she seems to like it much. Hihi. Take care Jun.

I saw Mamat KFC a few times. He's wearing a new white spectacle. Oh, he's just a normal human being that I keep on looking at. I don't know why but I just love to see him, like so selekeh and kinda blurr. Aww, cute. Hihi. Since I'm free from any special relationship, I tend to be friendly to some guys. I try smiling, staring, being loud, or asking questions. Haha. Heyy, I don't give a damn about boyfriend. I just want boy-friends. Or scandals maybe? Kehkehkeh. Ya ya, I'm single but currently I'm NOT available. Get it? So stop putting your love seeds around me. Sorry.

I've been craving for a new phone for ages. My current phone is damaged. Its number one button is not working anymore and the battery life freaking sucks now. Grr. My pay doesn't afford me enough to get the Nokia C5-03. I've to have about RM699 in my pocket if I want to buy it. Gosh, help me. Will you will you? Hihi. I love it because it's like a slim touch screen phone. What makes it so special is, it's green in color! Wow, cool. Actually, I saw one of my friend use this phone and I envy him very much until I've said to myself, "I'll get the same phone no matter what" Bhahaha. Dumb.