Monday, August 30

Happy 53rd Merdeka Day

Merdeka ! From 1957 till 2010 , we are free ! Free from Englishmen , free from Japanese , so what shall we do next ? Let's celebrate Independence Day !

p / s : I suppose publish this post tomorrow , on 31st . hee .

Saturday, August 28

Senior year

We danced all night
and we kissed
your smile
a diamond in the dark

Friday, August 27

klik klik ;)

Good morning everyone . It is Friday ! Yeah , it is rare to get the chance to spend our Friday morning at home . Today , for me , I woke up myself for sahur . Well , it is always been my darling who wake me up everyday . After sahur , I kept on watching tv until the sunshine say hello . I didn't sleep a wink okayy . Hee . Then , I decided to switch on my lappy and blogging ! Okay , now the story is , my class got problems with our senior page for school magazine . Too much complains from the teachers . Heyy it is our senior page , can't the teachers just let us do our own work ? spread our own creativity ? Hello , we pay for it . We using our own money . Time is running out and we do not have enough time to edit all the stuff back . Luckily , it is not me who have to take care of those thing . So , we reshoot again , take a new picture . I'm glad my picture is a way better than before :)

Tuesday, August 24

Free of charge

Times Soalan Ulangkaji SPM

Today at school ? Hmm , what can i say . School I'm there like all day . But school can be cool at some points . I'm really gifted when it comes down to this , I get a copy of book for free ! This book or revision guide contains spot question for 11 SPM subjects including BM , English , Sejarah , Maths , Akaun , Science , Add Maths , Biology , Chemistry , Physics and Perdagangan . These questions were prepared by a team of experienced educators who are considered experts in their respective subjects . And one more thing , it is sponsored by Mahsa University College , Universiti Tun Abdul Razak , Multimedia University and much more . I would like to express my gratitude for choosing me , and others SMK Section 19 Form 5 students to reap the benefits of this revision guide . Thank you :)

p / s : I'm gonna share this book with my hubby

Sunday, August 22


I got tired of waiting

*anyway , thank you my love for being there :)

Saturday, August 21


Tingkatan tiga ?
Oh tidak :)
Tingkatan dua ?
Oh tidak :)
Tingkatan satu ?
Oh tidakkk !

Haish semenjak dua menjak ini , ramai bebenar yang tersalah anggap , tersalah tafsir dan tersalah pandang . Aku yang dah menjalani kehidupan selama tujuh belas tahun ini sering kali mengundang tanda soal yang akan terbit dari fikiran orang - orang yang tidak percaya akan kenyataan ini . Rakan - rakan sekalian , di sini saya menegaskan saya tujuh belas tahun dan merupakan seorang calon peperiksaan SPM , yang juga tidak lama lagi akan meninggalkan alam persekolahan dan melangkah ke alam yang lebih mencabar onak durinya . Hah , sudah jelas ? Maaf ye mengelirukan kalian dengan wajah tak bersalah saya ini . Pendek kata , wajah awet muda :)

p / s : lebih baik muda dari tua hee

Wednesday, August 18

This is serious .

The Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia or SPM , or the Malaysian Certificate of Education , is a national examination taken by all fifth-year secondary school students in Malaysia including me . It is set and examined by the Malaysian Examinations Syndicate . The SPM provides the opportunity for me to continue my studies to pre-university level which is matriculation . This year , the examination for SPM takes place around November and lasts for more than 3 weeks. From now on , I have to be serious and befriend with all my books because
SPM is just around the corner .

Tuesday, August 17


There is a place you can touch a
woman that will drive her crazy.
Her heart.

Saturday, August 14


Emm dugaan ? Dugaan sememangnya perkataan yang paling banyak digunakan pada bulan puasa ini HAHA Al-kisahnya berbunyi begini . . petang tadi berbual-bual , berkongsi cerita , bergelak tawa dengan si Fatin . Tiba-tiba perbualan kami yang rancak menjadi senyap sunyi sepi tatkala memerhatikan gelagat seorang dewasa membonceng motosikal . Mulut terlopong . Mata terbeliak . Sukar untuk aku membicarakannya . Sebenarnya , kami ternampak lurah punggung pakcik tuh !!Pakcik tuh boleh bantai tunjuk dengan baju singkat and seluar londeh . Sah tak pakai seluar dalam ! HAHA Haish pakcik2 . Tak pasal-pasal saya mendapat dosa . Orang tengah puasa tau ? HUHU Kalau ye pun nak tunjuk lurah dendam , tunjuklah ke jalan yang benar , yang menuju ke isteri pakcik ke . Janganlah tunjuk di khalayak ramai HAHA Maybe pakcik tak sengaja kan ? Jadi , pengajarannya , berhati-hatilah . Jangan biarkan orang lain melihat apa-apa yang tersirat pada diri anda ! HAHA

p/s : Tak sempat tutup mata HAHAHA

Wednesday, August 11

better and better

Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak . Semoga kita semua mendapat keberkatan dan kebaikan daripada bulan mulia ini . Happy fasting :)

Monday, August 9

happy seventeen to myself :)

I’m going to be 17 in a few minutes . I’m big on birthdays . My new year begins every August on my birthday, rather than on January 1st so I am very reflective in the lead up to it .
This birthday feels big . It feels like the beginning of adulthood .
One thing I’ve realized growing up is that many of us – me included – are children in grown up bodies . We are more adult children, then adults .
Actually, there is nothing wrong with being child-like especially it comes to the innocence and wonder that children have for the world . Peace :)


As usual , Monday morning , schools assembly . Tanpa dijangka , hari ini ada penyampaian hadiah untuk semua aktiviti yang dijalankan pada bulan lepas . Yang menarik nya , aku antara penerima hadiah tersebut HAHA cikgu KAPA beri penghargaan untuk terima sijil camping aku dari Datin , di atas pentas , bergambar , dan di hadapan khalayak penuntut SMK Sekyen 19 HAHA memang segan ah kan . Tapi takpa . Enjoy jek HEE And finally , kelas kesayangan aku , 5 Perdana menang juga kelas tercantik dan terbersih . Aku sebagai ketua keceriaan berasa amat berbangga dengan kejayaan ini . Cewahh HAHA Hamper share bersama semua HEE Love you guys Perdanarians !

Saturday, August 7


Him : Hey lets meet up ? How about tomorrow ?
Her : Emm I don't think I can . I have a lot of homework to do .
Him : If you don't want to see me , fine !
Her : Haa lets go to library ? I can do my homework instead :)
Him : No need . I'm busy . I'll talk to you later . Bye .
Her : Err okay .
Him : Plus , you look busy . You reply my messages late and so short .
Her : It's not like that . I don't want to burden you with all my craps as you said you were busy just now .
Him : Huh , excuses .
Her : No , it's not an excuse .I'm not busy . I don't hold my phone and my phone is on silent . So , I didn't realize your messages .
Him : Shut up . I'm tired and I want to take a nap .
Her : You want to sleep ? at 7 p.m ?
Him : What do you care ? Stop poking your nose in my life !
Her : Sorry if you don't like it when I give a hoot about you . I'm so sorry .
Him : Whatever . Stop bombarding to me !
Her : Emm sorry again :(

Friday, August 6

Dato' Siti Nurhaliza

Aku sekarang addicted sangat dengar lagu siti . Tak tahu laa nape . *sewel kot?* padahal aku bukan laa peminat siti nih . Antara lagu lagu siti yang mesti aku dengar everyday :

Tahajjud Cinta

Cinta Ini

Di Taman Teman

Ku Percaya Ada Cinta

Bicara Manis

Ketika Cinta

Diari Hatimu

Cuba korang sertai addiction aku nih , nescaya korang mesti terpikat HAHA nice songs to hear . Thumbs up to the composers !

Wednesday, August 4

three words :)

Just three little words can mean the whole world to someone. As a relationship matures, you may start to forget to say, I love you as you get stuck in the routines of daily life. Telling someone you love him often helps you maintain your close bonds over time. Use the words liberally.

Sunday, August 1

have no works :p

Done with my homework and took some rest . Switched on laptop and thinking *emm what to do haa* . Suddenly i saw a small round camera *heyy its a webcam* . And all these happenned . . . .