Wednesday, December 15

Nothing More To Do With

Hello guys . I'm back ! Yess , I'm here . I'm sitting in front of my lappy , writing my new post . Lend me your ears because I wanna say something in a high-pitched to you that , " Woi , saya dah habis SPM laa ! Haha " Miss blogging like #@$% . Truth to be told , I'm no longer a high school student that wearing school uniforms , heavy books in my bag , listening to all discipline thingy , following rules . So , let's be freak out ! But but but but my little heart say that , I'm gonna miss all that . Friendship , laughter , silly things , mischievous behavior and those ahhh , alaa , nahhh words when the teachers are starting to teach or giving homework . Hihi . Guys , I'll feel the sadness at no longer being able to enjoy the presence of those memories . Okay , I think I wanna change the topic before I start to cry or whatever . Haha . Oh yeah , how was my SPM ek ? It's not that hard like I used to think before . Macam exam biasa , so it seems . I've done my things , so lets be the examiners do their things . Just wait for my result lah . I planned to find a job , to support my allowance during this holidays . Yahooooo , I'll earn my own money and shopping like there's no tomorrow . Hihi . By the way , I've sign up for a Tumblr and Formspring account . Do check them out okay . Yeah I know at the age of seventeen , saya baru nak buat semua itu . I'm not really used to social network thingy lah . So whatever . Alright , I guess I end it here . Thank you for looking after my baby blog yeah :)

Oh , my baby blog has changed its skin ! Cantik tak kawan kawan ? Haha


natasya eddie said... ur blog :) smart.

Izzaty said...

Hey sis, great to know that you'd completed your SPM. Straight As ya!

Yeah it's good to work part time during the holidays instead of wasting much time being at home with nothing to do. I used to work too before. Experience is what counted.

And yeah happy blogging dear. Happy to see you again Fara. I'll be waiting for your upcoming entry!

Lotsa love, Zaty ;)

Fara Dee said...

Thanks Natasya Eddie. I love your blog too :)

Fara Dee said...

Oh really? Alright, memang tengah cari kerja laa ni. Dah jadi penganggur terhormat. Hehe. Thanks kak Zaty!

natasya eddie said...

hee.thx :)