Thursday, January 1

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Hey assalamualaikum hope still not too late to wish everyone a happy new year!! Its freakin 2015 kot.

& im freakin 22! Lol so old.

Idk what ive been doing all these 21 years. Haha. But i realized that 2014 has been my best year. Dah tempuh everything sampai dah sem 5 sekarang. Kira 3 sem left excluding internship. Ya allah, permudahkan lah perjalanan ku ini.

& My grandma passed away last ramadhan, its quite....idk.....

My brother got married, & his wife got pregnant. One of the good news i received in 2014.

Sad to leave 2014, but am really looking forward to all the good things in 2015. Good health, great results, true friends. & i hope none of my family members will pass away this year though.

To my dearest S (i know you wont read this) thank you for being part of the magic in 2014. We've been through ups & downs, kita gaduh kita baik kita miskin kita orang kaya baru kita normal kita cacat haha all those stuffs yang kita je faham. & kita jarang express the lovey dovey sweet talks. So here i just wanna say ive never been so in love with someone as much as I am with you. I hope 2015 will brings us to another level (happier, stronger, closer) hehe.

Goodbye 2014. & now I'm planning to keep the momentum of those good feelings going straight through 2015.


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