Saturday, July 25

1:26 pagi

That moment when you finally opened up to someone...

If that someone still tak sedar betapa besarnya pengaruh in your life sampai you willing to confess about a secret that could literally ruin your life if it came out, dia memang kepala tenuk.

If that someone still berkira, still hiding things that dia 'assume' tak penting from you, dia memang berbadan tenuk. Simpan banyak sangat cerita sampai badan gemuk.

Hey someone, wake up.

Dia pertaruh one of the biggest deals in her life untuk dapatkan your honesty. Just, honesty.

Because she wants to trust you. She wants to depend on you. If you don't feel the need untuk share sebesar - besar & sekecil - kecil benda to her, well you just put her in the same level as others. Because a relationship needs to work both ways so that we gain mutual trust and respect.

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