Friday, August 27

klik klik ;)

Good morning everyone . It is Friday ! Yeah , it is rare to get the chance to spend our Friday morning at home . Today , for me , I woke up myself for sahur . Well , it is always been my darling who wake me up everyday . After sahur , I kept on watching tv until the sunshine say hello . I didn't sleep a wink okayy . Hee . Then , I decided to switch on my lappy and blogging ! Okay , now the story is , my class got problems with our senior page for school magazine . Too much complains from the teachers . Heyy it is our senior page , can't the teachers just let us do our own work ? spread our own creativity ? Hello , we pay for it . We using our own money . Time is running out and we do not have enough time to edit all the stuff back . Luckily , it is not me who have to take care of those thing . So , we reshoot again , take a new picture . I'm glad my picture is a way better than before :)

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