Wednesday, February 25

To learn a new thing is fun

Hola good morning!

Malam - malam tak tidur layan instagram & i came across this one video showing how to do a fishtail braid aiyooo been always wanting to do it!! Hehe so play banyak kali & tengok sampai faham & decided to give it a try. Selalu reti buat yang basic braid tu je.

First try buat tak jadi. Like i keep repeating the steps tapi rambut tu tkda bentuk pun haha! Tengok lagi, & notice macam ada yang salah cara i buat. So sikat rambut bagi tak kusut & all then try again with the correct steps &


(anggap lah ada gambar rambut sini)

I managed to make a fishtail braid on my hair haha happy gila kot. Sampai sanggup bukak balik & buat lagi just to hafal the steps & taknak terkial - kial. Hehe & second try ok lah. I can do it quite laju already.

Cant wait to "experiment" it on my friends hair hahahahaha you girls watch out k.

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