Tuesday, July 6

camping KAPA peringkat negeri :)

Friday until Monday , i went for a camp at SMK Batu Laut , Tanjong Sepat , Kuala Langat . This camp was quite okay la . I felt great when i could mingle with other students from daerah Sabak Bernam , Petaling Utama , Klang , Hulu Langat and many more . We did some activities and competition , but i just joined kawad kaki and guess what , daerah Petaling Perdana got second place and we are going to Kem Kebangsaan *yeay!* Here are some pictures for you (:

spot checking

our tents

melawan kebakaran

masa khidmat masyarakat (:

at PPD

hey , we are in front our tent :p

malam kebudayaan *best*

kawad kaki *one boy , four girl ? HAHA*

pertolongan cemas *angkat mayat HAHA*

in our tent , rest time (:


e p y said...

rindu laa this momentss . aha!

Fara Dee said...

yup yup :)