Saturday, November 20

Analogous To Another

Let me introduce , Azam the pinky one and Amir the blacky one . Wait , I've no idea what Azam is doing under the tree . =="

Hey people . How's your day so far ? Alright , I know it's too late but I would like to wish Happy Raya Aidiladha to all Muslims . Hehe . Last Wednesday , my family went back to hometown and I had the greatest day in my life . Erkk , not really the greatest one actually . Haha . At that time , I still had books with me , just to remind myself not to forget that I have to study wherever . Huhu . As usual , I ate a lot . The main menu was the bone soup . As yeah , it's Hari Raya Korban right . This dish really caught my eyes . Thumbs up to my aunt for deserving us . Hehe . My cousins asked me to join them to go to funfair . Haha . So my parents left me with them . Amir drove us and we had so much fun there . I had no idea that Azam could be my partner in a laughing contest . Haha . Cool man . Seriously , I didn't brave enough to dare myself to hop on all the rides , roller coaster and the like . So we just played games and lucky us , we got some prizes . Haha . But Dekna was the only exception . She got a little teddy bear , it was like more to a sympathy gift from that mamat Bangla . Haha . None of us remembered to take some pictures . Oh , what a miss guys ! Anyway , thanks for making day . I hope there would be next time for us to hang out together , aite ? :)

p / s : I've said that I will put your pictures in here . Haha . Thank me .

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