Sunday, November 7

Not Identified By Name

Hello guys . It's me again . Yeah , of course it's me . Is there anyone else ? Okay , stop . Haha . I slept late last night . So for sure , I need a tight nice sleep with a really sweet dream that would create a smile on my face when I wake up next morning . But , unfortunately , it didn't happened . A human being who is only-God-knows-his-name kept bothering my Sunday morning with his annoying calling . Hello , you are calling me at 9 am . Don't you have the sense of humanity for not disturbing people's sleep ? Damn you . Haha . I was waayyy too mamai at that time , so I just ignored him . Few hours later , I woke up , and sent a text message to my boy telling him I'm awake . Had a bath and grabbed my breakfast . Just a simple breakfast , roti bakar with strawberry jam on it . I checked that number and obviously I don't know him . I decided to text , and asked him who is he and why he called me bla bla bla . He just simply answered that her sister was the one who called me . Apart from that , this guy was so eager to know me as he kept on asking what my name is . What the fish . FYI , I don't talk to strangers . I hate you , dumb (Y)

I have no other guys numbers in my contact .


Fieona Sky said...

Being bugged by strangers does make people anoyyed. I've always been a victim. All I do is ignore those lunatics. If they keeps on calling and texting just let them be. One day they'll get bored and soon gave up.

Believe me i've done that loads of time. And it seems to work :) Just jangan layan them okay.

FatinHud=) said...

heyy , yeah.had been in this situation before. just ignore em. they are the people who has no life :P

annepurple24 said...

I've been in this situation before.They can gey very annoying especially when they keep calling for no reasons. Ignore je akak , nanti dia bosan dia akan stop . GL :)

annepurple24 said...

ohh sorry my mistakes

Fara Dee said...

Fieona Sky ,
Oh really ? I'll do the same thing . Thank you :)

Fara Dee said...

Fatin Hud ,
I love that . They are the people who has no life . Haha . Thanks :)

Fara Dee said...

Anne ,
Yeah . If there's anything , why don't they tell us , just straight forward right . Thank you . I'll make him bored . Haha :)