Saturday, November 6

A Motion Picture

What's up people ? *Oh yeah , I'm a Bgirl ! Haha* So here's the thing , Happy Deepavali to all Hindus . Hope you enjoy your festival okay . I haven't start my revisions yet for today as I'm rewarding myself for not being Internet's client on weekdays . Yeah , I admit . It's soooo hard to stay away from my lappy . And it's explain everything why I promised my boyfriend on that . Hehe . More or less , it's help me to control my desire . Weirdooo . Since last Wednesday was a holiday , I grabbed my breakfast with my sweetheart which was not really breakfast or should I say lunch to make it clear ? Haha . Lol . We went out at 12 and just lepak lepak at mamak store . We shared our mee goreng meal . That's really sweet dear . Muahx muahx . Okay , stop being annoying Fara . Not everyone like to hear your love's journey . Hehe . Yesterday , I switched on tv and comforted my lazy body to have an enjoyment . Aiseyhmen . I watched that Center Stage : Turn It Up film thingy . Fuhh , what an awesome movie . I think I've fallen deeply in love with the hero . He've stolen my heart . Haha . He's just so cute and naive . What attracts me the most is , he is a dancer with pierced ears . Hehe . I adore you Kenny Wormald

Oh I guess I see you guys next week . Bye bye ;)


waalllaa! said...

ooo..u got a bf yeaaa...hehe.. good luck for both, study and him..hehe

Fara Dee said...

yes hehe my beloved boyfriend . thank you :))