Tuesday, January 11

Having A Desire For

Guess what? I got a job already! Haha. Finally, thank God. But, this is not the job that I was talking about in my last post. I didn't get that job so I find another one. I've started working last day. At first, I do not want a job where I've to communicate with people, like promote things and whatever but this one, is most likely like that. Never mind. I just want to start working and gain some money now. Plus, 2010 session starting in September for IPTA students. When I knew about it, I was like @#$%. Means, I've to wait for 9 months to further my studies. God, that is a long freaking time. Dear followers, please and please, leave your link if you want me to check out your blog. Unless you want to keep your blog private, well then it's your choice. I can't do anything. Oh yeah, I found Tumblr is a really interesting blog. So if you got one, you may visit and follow mine. Don't be shy. Hihi. By the way, is that true that Pringles is illegal to eat? I didn't know about that as I kept on buying and eating Pringles. It is not that bad after all. So they should just go and get the halal title first. Hey belieber, Justin Bieber is coming to the town! Scream out loud. Haha. I can't believe that he's coming this April. The fans can see his cute face. Lucky you. I'm not a really fan of him, so jyeah. Haha. Okay, I should stop. Byebye :)

" I need somebody to love "
- JB


LaLaLovy said...

haha. i din write anything on 1st january... takde masa kn??

Fara Dee said...

Ye? Yup yup. Sangat takda masa. Haha :)