Wednesday, February 16

Meddles In The Affairs Of Others

Hey there! Since today is Wednesday, which is one of my off day so yeah I did wake up late, at about 1pm something. The alarm clock plug had fallen out of the outlet. I got up and opened my eyes. The light coming in is getting yellower. I always wonder about my own self getting up late. But now I know the reason why :) You guys should check it out too. Go here alright. My buddy texted me, asking me to go out. I showered and put on some clothes. Just lepak lepak with my colleagues and doing nothing. I'm glad to see the sun shine. Hmm I keep busy and stuck at my workplace till I didn't notice the changing environment. What a nice day, I thought. Last night I went to bank and still, I don''t get my salary yet. Haish, when will I get it? It's been soooo long since my supervisor took my punch card. I have no money, oh lifeless gila la weyh! Wait, I think my life needs more music, downloading be damned. I'm not sure what I just wrote means I will be downloading music or I won't. I meant it to mean I will. Hihi. Actually I have nothing much to say but I just want to tell you that I would resign from my job. I begin to feel bullied. The people out there are too nosy and keep on intruding into my affairs. Ergh, stop meddling in my personal life! STFU -.-

Im feelin so fly like a G6, jyeah!


Edy Nuar said...

Chill la Fara Dee :D

Fara Dee said...

Im trying to. Hihi. Thanks Edy Nuar! :)

delly dila said...

smamlam i pon turon saner , bnyak tol mater yang tak senang tengok i neh . haduh !

Fara Dee said...

Kan kan? Sabar je laa -.-