Friday, February 25

Never Previously Done

Hello fellows. Guess what? I got my first salary ever already! Hihi. And I took my parents out to a dinner at KFC after I got back from work. Okay, I'm obviously LAME. Haha. Well, we had a great time. I'm not so close to my parents lately because I keep busy, so that was the right time for us to get along back. Don't ask why there were just only me and my parents. My eldest brother currently staying at Batu Pahat, jyeah. My second annoying brother? Huh, I wish I know where has he been. Never mind, I'm still the baby girl in the family. Hihi. So, I've short listed all the plans I wanted to do using my own money. Or in another word, my budget. Cehh. Haha. Can't wait for this Tuesday, my day off. Let's go shopping like hell yeah. I know just what I want. I want to buy this, that, these, those. Hihi. Ah, forgot to tell ya, I've put the FB 'like' button in every posts. So do like it! Heeee. I got a story to tell ya. Like so freaking funny. When I was walking to go my workplace, there's a customer with a big heart expelled his intestinal gas to me! I was like, gosh, did he fart? I don't even care if he wanted to fart but the thing that I couldn't accept was, he farted in front of me with its soooo loud sound. Hahahahaha. Adoi, tak pasal pasal saya bergelak ketawa macam orang gilo dengan Rayhan. Hihi. Ehh, I should stop. It's already late and I have to go to bed right now. Otherwise, I'm too sleepy and lazy to get up tomorrow. Hoish, like I'm still in high school you know. Have to follow the rules, wake up early and bla bla. Goodnight, take care! x

Aww, I love Gossip Girl!

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