Monday, February 28

The Alteration

Well, I've got the time to post something today. I wondered if there's people that keep on following me here. Anyone? Hihi. I think I'm gonna make a simple change that will make a big difference in my baby blog. So you'll see.

My day off supposed to be tomorrow, I mean Tuesday. But, I decided to change it. So here I am. Today is my day off. I went to bed quite early yesterday but still, I'd the difficulties to get up this morning. My phone was really acting up. I have an alarm set and I hit snooze a couple of times. Hihi. Eventually I did get myself out of bed to make something and brighten my day a bit. So I went out with a friend to Sunway Pyramid (SP). There's too much funny stories to tell ya. LQTM. Haha.

We watched a film, I am Number Four. Seriously, I'm not really into action movies. When my friend chose this film, I was like nahhh. Okay I had to watch it but then I really enjoyed this movie. It was good! I recommend you this movie so you can watch and feel the same way like I do alright. Grabbed our Mcvalue lunch and then went shopping. Oh, I loveeee being close with walking and shopping. Hihi. I bought a top from Romp. Actually, I've been wanting this top for ages and I found it. It's still right there. Thank God.

You know what, even though I've been recently to SP but, boleh lagi tersalah naik bas masa nak balik! Haha. We took the wrong bus and reached Summit. Luckily, we could handle it and everything's settled. I couldn't stop laughing at that time. Sumpah kelakar okay! Haha. Sorry dear friend, I should lead you to the right way but then I made us lost our way. Hihi. I reached home about 8 plus. F asked me to meet up. So yeah, we chit-chat a little bit, no big deal. I'd dinner with my parents at home, reading the newspaper and boom, I'm here now.Obviously, writing these craps. What I can say, I've had some great times with my friends and parents today. Thanks for making my day. Love ya, x :)


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