Thursday, March 17

Extremely Impressive

Sorry, for keep on updating my blog. Waittt, do I have to say sorry? Hahahahaha. Enough with that. So yesterday I went out with my best friend! Well actually we didn't planned to do anything, she just accompanied me to see my rotation to do something important with my previous job. I believed only God knows the best for us. We met soooo many our ex-colleagues and you know what? It's all coincidence. Yupp.

Oh yeah, we talked about everything and everywhere. We went here and there. We went to karaoke room 46 for karaoke, obviously! After gossiping, after lunch, in the afternoon, it's a great place to unwind, let out our inner performer and just have fun. I never thought that Hanna has the best voice ever. Impressive, girl! Because of her, I started to like this one song, Aku Takkan Bersuara by Nike Ardilla. Come on, try to hear it. Feeling habis! Hihi. Truth to be told, I have no interest kat lagu lagu lama. Rasa macam lame gilaaa. But then, we would never ever can find a way to get rid of those type of songs.

Here it is, the picture of the day. This is me with Acap and Rayhan Hanna. Yeyeakutahutaknakpakainamakampungye. Hihi. The others were just being annoyed by avoiding the camera -.- Heyy we don't even care about the ugly faces or whatever because at the end of the day, it would be the sweetest memory. In fact, we may show the picture to anybody we want. Like our son or grandson in future. Haha. We would laugh at ourselves by just seeing the picture! Hihi. So kalau taknak gambar hodoh, show your stiffness and say cheese at least. Is it hard, buddy?

I spent my money, again. Habis seratus ringgit semalam. Haha. Gosh, I can't stand myself from not being a big spender! Never mind la, as long as I used my OWN money. Hee. I bought three shirts. Two of them are like the best-friends-t-shirt-ever. Hihi. Yeah, Hanna and me bought the same tshirt. Can't wait to wear them together soon! We're planning to go out again. For this time, we want to gather all the ex-colleagues. Cehh, macam reunion ye dok? We'll see next week, maybe after the SPM result comes out. Ohmaigaddddd, did I just say SPM result will coming out?!

So the result is coming out, what is my feeling? Hm sometimes I feel too scared but sometimes I feel too excited though! Hahaha. I do not want to predict what will I get in my SPM. I just hope, it would be fine. Ohh yeahh, I got a lot of letters. Not a love letter for sure! Those are all about the colleges, offering me to further education. I'm just not ready yet for all that, seriously. Ehh dah lama tak mention perkataan SPM tu kan? Sekarang babbling la banyak banyak pasal espiem -.-



Lilyel said...


I am doing a survey about blogging for my project paper. So, if you don’t mind, please fill my questionnaire.

Thank you.


Trah Assan said...

Spm ! ;)

Result mesti gempak punyaaa ;)

Fara Dee said...

Okay Lily, will do alright. Thank you!

Trah, mana ada laaa. Hihi. Rasanya orang tu punya lagi gempak kot nanti. Hihi :)

Anonymous said...

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