Wednesday, March 23

Socially Acceptable

Hey guys, whaddup? Hows your day so far? Mine? Fuhh, speechless babe. Hahaha. I went to bed late last night, texting with H :) Got four hours of sleep on this morning and up early. I felt quite weirdoooo sebab liat sangattt nak bangun awal before this but then, this morning, senang laa pulok celik mata. Hehehe. Well, you know, no matter how late I went to bed, my body would just 'wake up' at right around 10am because I need to face the biggest fear in my life so far. Yupp, the biggest ever.

I got dress up and I put on a new green clothes. Just to give myself to feel the positive aura. Hihi. I went to school with Fatin and as soon as we arrived, the teachers made an announcement untuk kumpulkan all the SPM 2010 candidates. So sempat jugak la usha usha macam mana budak budak yang dah habis sekolah dress up. Hahaha. Ada yang okay, and ada jugak yang euwww, over okay? It's just a school, girl. I don't think you need to show off your heels -,- Oh yeah, I do noticed there're some boys with long hair, covering their forehead and whatever. No need to be neat anymore. Hehehe.

I didn't feel anything at that time, like seriously. The teachers were babbling about the universities, future and stuff like that. And me? Sempat lagi buat topup through sms, tolak duit akaun. Bhahahaha. Yeah when I wasn't pay any attention, I heard several people around me beginning to clap and cheer. Their hands were waving here and there. Hehehe. I saw Nik and Siva were wearing coat. Ohhhh I see. They are the BEST students whos got the BEST result! Congrats both of you! Sepuluh A kotttt :)

Tears suddenly came out from my eyes. I felt touched because they are my ex-classmates. We're studying and laughing together all this while. I'm happy for them. All the best guys! Gosh, they got what they want. What about mine? I kept waiting and waiting for the nervous wave. I saw my friends, one by one walking to the stage as their names were announced. Hm I was losing hope at that time. I thought, okay Fara just accept whatever happens. Redha je la.

I was standing besides Syahira, looking at the teacher and she said, " Okay bagi calon yang mendapat keputusan 6A pula ialah ; Noor Farah Diba binti Arifin! " Syahira pushed me, asking me to move forward. And I was like, Ya Allahhhhhhh :') I hugged Datin tightly and cried like a baby, in front of hundreds people. Soooo embarrassed. Hihi. Maybe this is not the best result but I never thought that I could take the slip from Datin, my own principle. I called Ayah to tell him my result and he's just said, congrats. Thankyousomuch Ayah. So this is what I've got, in conclusion:

Bahasa Melayu - A+
Bahasa Inggeris - A-
Pendidikan Islam - A
Sejarah - A-
Mathematics - A+
Additional Mathematics - B
Physics - B+
Chemistry - B+
Biology - B
English For Science and Technology - A-

See? I managed to get 2A+, 1A, 3A-, 2B+ and 2B. Alhamdulillah. I would like to take the opportunity to say congratulations to my dear friends and all the SPM 2010 candidates over the world for the thumbs-up-result! Also, I express my gratitude to my parents and teachers. I wish I could give you more but hm I'm truly sorry. I've done everything, maybe it's not enough. Hm thankyousomuch for teaching me! Give me the guidance and supports. I would never forget that! I've promised to myself, I would do so much better than this in future. I would study hard. Do pray for me, aite?

Oh one more thing, sorry I wrote too much. Menon :p



meyra said...

congrats lagi sekali :)

Fara Dee said...

Terima kasih Meyra! :)

ana :D said...

tahniah fara! :D

Fara Dee said...

Thanks Raihanah! Tak tahu lagi result kau berapa :)

.::ellynawambeck::. said...

omng nice result babe,
physics chemist and addmath thumbs UP !
nak belajar dengan you laa T_T
congrats sayang <3

Fara Dee said...

No no no, macam tak layak jek nak belajar dengan kita. Hahaha Thankyousomuch dear!

.::ellynawambeck::. said...

haha eh why pulok babe.
mengada kan , bulehh jugak , nak jadikan you my inspiration <3
sure babeh :)

Fara Dee said...

Wahh terharunya! Haha. Thanks darling <3 hehehe study smart, pray hard okay. Goodluck! :)

NAS :) said...

woww! hebatt! tahniahh! :)

Anonymous said...

I guess you may want to add a twitter icon to your site. Just marked down this article, but I had to complete it by hand. Just my 2 cents.

Fara Dee said...

Tak sehebat mana tapi alhamdulillah. Terima kasih! :)

Fara Dee said...

Anonymous, I'm soooo sorry because I don't have any Twitter account :(