Sunday, March 20

Open-air Activity

Look at the title, okay jangan nak open-air activity sangat laa kan. Haram jadah aku duduk rumah jer sepanjang masa -,- Whatever you're doing, do accept the fact that no matter what, tomorrow would be the Moanday. Opss I mean, Monday. Hihi. So goodbye students! Now your school holidays are totally done. Thank God it's over. Peace (!) Frankly, I don't really know what to blog about anymore. Hm let me see ya.

I was enjoying my lazy Sunday, listening to some old songs when Mama asked me to go out earlier this afternoon. So for this time, I should follow her. We dressed quickly and left the house. Yay, I was finally able to get out and I was rocking not being stuck at home! Bhahaha. We went to PAS, again. As it is the nearest shopping mall we got. Never mind, I still love being at there. So Mama spent her money, well have you ever heard something like, like-mother-like daughter-thing? Hihi. We both are shopaholics I tell ya.

Mama said she wanted to buy kain langsir, so we went to second floor. I think I've influenced her as she decided to make our house green with greenish curtain for this raya! Hee. Yela meyh, green is my FAV color ever :D Oh ya, there's one this guy yang serve kitaorang, so funny! Haha. I couldn't stop laughing when he kept on doing his stupid jokes. Mama just geleng kepala and said to me that abang tu saja nak menyakat mentang mentang ada anak dara. Hehehe. That guy is quite charming and I just know his name when one of his colleagues called him. His name is err hm um okay, starting with F :)

I went to my workplace to see N and another F. Haish too many F huh? Hihi. Well N is shoooo good looking as always. I just hm adore him. I can't stand it okay! Haha. We talked a little bit about how's work going on for him. He said everything's fine, so yeah. But we couldn't talk much because the fucking exec kept rounding us. And I was like, eh? Before this, taknak pulak sibuk sibuk pasal pekerja dia. She stared at me a few times, with her annoying creepy face. Hell, do I care loser? Booyahhh.

I wish I could meet the Celcom boy and budak Al-ikhsan so I texted them, asking whether they're working or not today as I didn't see any of them. So okay, I guessed they're on leave or whatever. But then, they gave me a veryyyy late reply, telling me yes they're working. Waterparkkkk? I've reached home at that time. Useless you know! Hm I was quite disappointed, lagi lagi tak dapat jumpa budak Al-ikhsan. Hehe. Dulu when I was still working, I was always dok usha usha dia and one day, all of sudden, he smiled at me. I was like, ohmaigaddd. Haha. Since that moment, he kept looking at me and smiling. Hee. He's such a cute boy and I think I'm starting to like him. Wokay, I'm blushing already :) I guess I end it here. Toodles! x



Trah Assan said...

Ting tong ! Drop by here just to ask , what's your result ? X)

Fara Dee said...

Hahaha I thought I want to blog about it but then, berukband sangat la lembab! Hehe. Later I'll tell you alright? :)