Sunday, March 13

Goat's Wool

Hey peeps. May you guys have a very good time today. I was too lazy to get up this morning. Yeah since I'm not working anymore, so what should I wake up early? Hihi. I followed Mama to a wedding located at Section 16 which was my old home area. Argh, miss that place. I used to play football with my neighbour and cycling with my brothers. I was a boyish little girl, with the short hair. I think I started to keep my hair long when I was 11. Haha. Seriously, no kidding!

Honestly, I'm not a fashionista. But yet, I'm really glad because there's a woman that has changed all the lame perceptions about, girls yang wearing tudung tak boleh berfesyen. Pffttt -.- Because of our one and only Hana Tajima Simpson, a lot of stylish Muslimahs came out of nowhere. Including me. Yess, I admit it. I tend to follow her style. Oh I'm curious to know, apa beza shawl dengan pashmina eh? It's all look the same lol! Hihi.

I bought two shawl last night, turquoise and red in color. Gosh, sooo excited sampai berangan-angan pakai shawl depan cermin dalam bilik Mama. Haha. I've been always wondered on how to wearing a shawl because I'm not really good in it. So I watch some tutorial video and learned it. Guess what? I'm wearing it today, to the wedding. And and the people around me kept on looking at me like I'm such a freak. Bhahaha. Never mind. I used to be like that when I saw a group of stylish girls hanging out. Grr, jealousy occur. Hihi.

This evening, A called me and asked me to go out for a second. I was quite surprised when I saw there's F and H with him. Rindunyaaaa nak jumpa H. It's been awhile since the last time I met H. I starred at him and I noticed he got a straight type of hair and getting longer. Awak makin handsome sekarang kan? Hihi. Okay, stop flirting. We met and we talked non-stop. But obviously, it's not me who started the conversation. I have nothing to talk. Well, I love talking about nothing and it is the only thing I know anything about. HAHA.

God, my heart goes out to our neighbor in Japan that have been affected by the massive earthquake and following tsunami. At least 350 people are dead and hundreds missing. It's reminds me to the most terrifying incident where the tsunami hit our own place. Here, in Malaysia. The tsunami crashed us, swallowing towns and killing hundreds of people. Thank God, I'm still here and never experience that kind of situation. Let us all pray for the safetiness of the people who lives in Japan. So sad to see what happened to Japan. Hm.



dr.amii.cullen said...

shantekk shawl lha :)

Fara Dee said...

Thank you! Hee :)

natasya eddie said...

view my blog :) there's hana..ngeee

Fara Dee said...

Like seriously? Sure, I will! :D

Delly Dila said...

i likeit too. cume tatau bile mase nak gune ..heh :)

Fara Dee said...

Kan kan? Try je la pakai akak. Hee :)