Sunday, October 30

slightest idea

ooo, nak lawan eehhh?hahhaaaa. wait nak kacau britney? confirm bieber soo sory to be hacking, tapi dah macam addict la pula.haha.i shutted down my blog last 2 yrs. well, the reason is , i dont even know.hhaaha.ehh kejap, ape ni farah, saya mana hebat english macam awk, ni nak tulis pun belek2 kamus , berjam semua ada potensi, yg boost tu hah, ur will. "when there's a will, there's a way" . back to battle with farah, ooooooo, again, u said about imperfection? cmon. hold on it. everybody not perfect farah. and those what varies attitudes among kinds. u learn from every significant and insignificant event happens. dont take life for granted, because u might regret it later. ni dah macam oprah punya show bagi nasihat banyak sangat.haha. farah, awak tak perlu menjadi secomel lisa, sehot megan, sesempurna scarlett, dan sepandai emma. awak hanya perlu jadi diri awak, saya suka awak seadanya. jika awak nak cakap pasal imperfection, meh sini dengar. awak, saya ni tak macam lelaki lain yg awak pernah jumpa .im just too plain. u see, there's alot i havent perfomed. im not the outgoing type, im not the movie-guy type. i love doing my own a nerd. so if u wanna talk about imperfection, i could rebutt and win the talk. so , dont ever bring up such again, okay sweetie? yesterday someone asked me what do i reckon farah as, she gave me choices, "sayang" , "baby" , "buchuk" , " b " .hey. sumpah gelilah.hahaa.i simply use the awak/saya term. well, some may say tak romantic, tak da class, why so? that doesnt show how much i love her. what on earth la . sorrry, but i know she's not reading this. if u fall for someone, that aint giving the right to disobey the islam principles. observing most couples nowdays, holding hands, hugging , and etc seem so light for them.why most couples do not last longer? because the barakah isnt there. they are lead by lust, the satan's whisper. saya bukan alim pun nak tegur bagai, tapi tulah. share apa yg saya tahu. love ALLAH, before u start love someone. all the pleasure u may posses now is a test. yes, to test how much faith do u have for HIM, for ur AGAMA. IF U LOVE SOMEONE FOR ALLAH, THEN ALLAH WILL MAKE UR LOVE A PURE ONE/BLESSED ONE. kalau dah takda jodoh tak boleh buat apa, tapi atleast u dont commit sins while thru it, and carry them forever in ur life.u cant erase the past, because that will be part of u later farah, let us make this a blessed one. i do pray for us, sooo sayang awak farah! =) so ask urself frequent, do i love that person because of HIM? or simply to follow the trend. well, if u still cant find the right partner, then u are not alone. cintai ALLAH, kerana itulah cinta abadi, cinta yg tidak membawa kekecewaan. salam

P/S : farah, please hit me back. ;p

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