Monday, October 24

this is a craze over you.

does the icon tell you anything? sure one u are thinking much on ur relationship with whomever u are being with now. well, in case u are in relationship. as the saying goes, " LOVE IS FROM GOD, WHEN THERE'S LOVE, THERE'S GOD " , as much as ive been thinking deeply of the phrase, i realized that i should be grateful having u by my side. this is no joke, really.hahaha
no i mean ive never had anyone like her, so guess im the lucky guy. :)
ok to the main thing. today was the first we really talked facing both. she had her lunch confronted me, awwww she looked so sweetttt, hahaha. we talked a bit about our past relationship, and there was some that i..... nevermind. anyway, comparing myself with her exes, i could tell that i lack in many stuffs. honestly, i think they are way better than me. im just a wiry. lol. but farah, im just madly in love with u, and that shuts all the negative thoughts running in head. i dont know what in me that really attracts u, but one thing for sure, im attracted by the way u make me smile everytime. :) GOD, make us stay fit. for you farah, i may not be able superceding ur dream guy, but i know that my love for un aint a game. it's a gift and i know im supposed to give it a best shot. pardon me if it's too much, but i just cant keep it low. okay. :)
signing off,


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