Sunday, October 23

this is a hack,

well,i hope she wouldnt mind me posting this. salah dia juga kan tak sign out. hahha.nak mengaku dia siapa pada saya. girlfriend saya tau. she's owned, so back off, ok. im going to all out about us, literally. sounds cliche? nak gedik sikit , lah.jangan menyampah. sorry farah. :p
so, farah.physically of course, everyone knows shes cute, adorable, and one thing for sure, she can make me losing thoughts. the first day we met, we blinked alot.alahhh, dia main mata, saya pun main mata. haha. *levelmenyampahnaik
so it went on for about a week before i have the guts to really talk to her, and asked her number. whoaaaa. memang macam tu pun kan, lelaki yg datang minta number. so yah, that was it. now, jumping to the climax. i had hurt her once, real bad. i feel ashamed recall things back. my intention to not drag her into problems, caused problems between we off for quite months. till the day i fixed everything back. now we're better, in fact lagi lebih .haha.i just hope this would last long. because i never had a girl that made me the way farah ever did. aku pun kena jaga dia betul2, hotstuff kot farah ni. ramai lelaki sibuk2 nak dekat. aku ni ape pun takda. dah ada orang hot macam farah nak ni kira bersyukur gila lah. thanks yeee farah. :)
ok , taknak lah post lebih2, blog orang kottt.hahaha.ok , NOOR FARAH DIBA BINTI ARIFIN, please have this an infinite love from me, <3

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