Sunday, October 10

Nine Plus One

Good evening readers . Creating new post today is a must , right ? Yeah , it's 10-10-10 . What a beautiful date . I'm sure many people are enjoying their good moments now. For me , I attended my friend's brother wedding . And for Datuk Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor , he's celebrating his wedding with his beloved ones , Dr. Halina . So cute both of them . Hee . Hmm , have anyone noticed that there is no more gadget box of my love affair ? I think you can conclude it yourself :( I have a thought to create a fanpage for this blog and sign up for a formspring , twitter and tumbler account . If I sign up for those things , will you like it ? Will you follow me ? Haish , so much questions huh ? Haha . Tomorrow is a school day * Fara dee , do not complain * I wonder if I will get my exam paper . Just wait and see lah .

p / s : yeay ! This blog finally got 100 followers :)


BUBU said...

Ohh , PMR ? Good Luck My Dear ^^

Fara Dee said...

err saya bukan budak PMR , saya budak SPM :)

Trah Wann said...

i've broke up on this date too :'(
but yeahh now dah get back :)

Fara Dee said...

tak sangka ada orang break pada hari yang sama . oh really ? congrats ! maybe saya pun macam tu jugak . insyaallah :)