Monday, October 18

Gain By Experience

Happy Monday people . The seminar last weekends was so cool and interesting . I got lots of new knowledge . Especially Add Maths . I learned how to make it our every single working shorter and simpler . Wow amazing yeh ! Hee . Alright today , school's assembly was all about Rakan Cop information line lauching . So there were kawad kawalan , drama sketch and police car * Ninoninonino haha * Unluckily the hall was wet and we had no choices except just shut our mouths , sit down and enjoy the event -.- Oh by the way , you know I rarely online these days . Obviously busy studying . Haha . Dear followers and guests , sorry for not visiting your sites yeah . Tomorrow Paramore will live on our stage at Bukit Jalil Stadium . Hmm it's look I'm not going to and miss the chance to see Hayley Williams with her cute face , blonde hair and awesome voice :'( People around me knew how much I'm obsessed with Paramore . Whatever it is , I will always stick to them .


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