Sunday, October 3

Branch Of Learning

Greeting :) Since I am doing my trial exam , I grabbed the chance to join a study group . Well it's not really a study group actually because it's just me and Fatin . Haha . In the first place , Fatin asked me to teach her physics but when we got there *shahalam library* she asked me to do her essay . Haiyo Fatin . Luckily , she is my friend so I helped her what I could . I did some est questions and read physics note . Oh yeah , we also did some reflection of our stupidosss . Haha .

I have bio and est exam tomorrow . Wish me luck :)


Izzaty said...

Hey how's your bio and est exams darling?

I hope u did them well yeah!

Fara Dee said...

hmm not really well -.-

L@g3nd@ buD@k N@k@L said...

asal muka jadi kembung...ada ikan ker dalam mulut hu..oh! yeahhhhhhhhhhh

Fara Dee said...

lebih kurang la nakal hehe :D