Wednesday, October 13

Under College Age

Hey fellas . For the other students , today was the first day they attended to school as PMR finally has ended . So congrats yeah to PMR candidates . At least , you are now free from your 'perintah berkurung' . Haha . Hmm , from Monday until today , I don't know why the teachers rarely entered the class . Meaning , I went to school but doing nothing because me and my friends were just hanging out in the library . Why the teachers have to be absent from the class when we , the students really want to study ? Aiyoyo . Okay , I had fun today . I couldn't stop laughing because my classmates were totally hyper-active . Haha . 5 Perdana is a big family . If someone is going to library , the others would follow too . If someone is copying one's homework answers , the others would do the same thing too . Haha . Our beloved BM teacher, Puan Zahida is going to Mekah this Saturday to do the haji thingy . She wouldn't be around until December . Aahh , it was a bad news for us . Eventhough , we are going through the SPM without you , we give you our words that we will do our best . We hope you will have safe journeys , teacher . TTYL :)

I do love you , A


kobEj0rdan~ said...

g0odluck babe 4 this coming exam:)
pray 4 ya

-upper college age- (ade ker??:p)

Fara Dee said...

thank you :) eh ada saja . orang dewasa yang sudah tidak ke kolej lagi haha :D