Friday, October 15

Exchanging Information

Hey boys . Hi girls . I'm suppose to go to school tomorrow as it's Hari Kokurikulum . This event is held its first ever , I think . I'm one of the candidates who got the appreciation for involving in activities at district level and NILAM award ! Hee . Unfortunately , I wouldn't be there . I'm going to Seminar SPM for both Saturday and Sunday at UiTM Section 7 . Are anyone join this seminar ? So I guess I see you there yeah . So far , I got some paper exam results . Hmm , I don't know what to comment about my marks . I'm confident enough on my teras subjects but not on my elective subjects . Gosh , it's hard , can't deny it .

That's alright because I love the way you lie :')


Izzaty said...

Wah your seminar tuh di uitm zaty lah ! :D

Btw, fara dee di-tagged ;) So sila ke blog zaty utk amik award tau. And jgn lupa komen entry. HEHE

Fara Dee said...

iye ke ? haha seminarnya dekat fakulti kejuruteraan awam hee :) oh alright .