Wednesday, July 27

Things Come Back To My Mind

Hai. Im hating my blog, I mean the whole appearance. Thank you.

If there's someone noticed, I never told where the hell I'm studying right now or who the fuck I've been friends nowadays.

Honestly, I have a great life right now. As a college student, yes. High school was awesome but it's still high school. Ya know what I mean. Like, people treated us as a small kid knowing nothing. We couldn't grow up. We're in our own world, we could do anything.
Friendship value was the most important thing and we tend to ignore our family.

In college, I've to push myself harder, stepping in a higher stage. No one is gonna tell you what you've to do. No one is gonna force you or babbling at you, asking you to leave your computer and go study. There is no one. If you got friends that acting like a friend to you, then you're lucky. If not, failure is an option for you.

It's not a hard situation for me actually. Because I'm a type of home girl, prefer to stay at home and watching tv with my Mom. I used to be like, whenever I wanna s
tudy, I would open my book. Whenever I'm bored, I'm gonna spend my time, laying hands on laptop. Yes, my parents never asked me to go study or so whatever. And that's why, well at least I can survive in here. I'm doing everything on my own.

Except for laundry. Haha.

I'm getting mature, that's the truth. Almost everyday, I'm thinking about my family. Especially my Mom. I don't know why. She is the only one that can make me, feel
ing like I want to do the best. I want to get A in all exams. I want to make my parents proud. I'm always wondering why I did SPM last year, wasn't for my parents. It's just for my own satisfaction. But now, family is my priority.

Might not having a lot of friends but it's not an issue. I'm still having problems, getting closer to my classmates. It's just, I can't be me when I'm with them. I can't be that girl who is laughing out loud or that girl who loves to make jokes. Damn me bitches, I am a faker. I swear, I'm trying to be nice to my classmates. Seems like there's positive sign. Alhamdulillah. I'm good with them but not that good. I'm craving for the 'best-classm
ates' term. Please?

My roommates are my sisters. Obviously, I got no any sisters in my family as I'm the youngest and only a princess. Envy me, coz I don't have to share my things with my siblings. Haha. At first, I have a bad perception about my roommates. Yeah, it was the first day I met them. I thought Fifi is a snob and Ain is a rich girl when I saw her taking out her laptop from her bag. And Tiqa, I would not get along with her as she's so quiet and less talk. At that time, I was thinking like, ok FD you're so gonna die :(

See that type of smiley? Okay not a kind of smiley actually as it's sad, not smiling. Okay whatever. The sad face turned to be a happy face when we have known each other well. Can you imagine we get closed in just a day? I've to admit that they are the best. They give me the experience. The experience that I wouldn't get in any other places. I'm thankful. Truth to be told, I lost my high school's friends. I registered myself in here, without telling anyone, and without any friends. I was all alone. Sounds like pathetic one right. You can say whatever you want if you were in my place.

Oh great, I got nothing left in my brain right now. So I'm going to bed. Goodnight peeps x

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